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Home » What is Stars and Stripe’s Quirk? Quirk explained in BNHA

What is Stars and Stripe’s Quirk? Quirk explained in BNHA

What is Stars and Stripe's Quirk? Quirk explained in BNHA

Fans are always eager to know more about their favorite characters, no matter they are heroes or villains. Star and Stripe is a character that has been quite famous within the MHA community. Just like that, this article is about such a character that fans can resist no more but to know more about her! Let’s take you on a tour, like who she is, what we know about her, and what her quirk is. This article is mainly focused on the ‘quirk’ part, though. So what is Star and Stripe’s Quirk?

The last time Class 1-A heroes are seen is when they are assigned to evacuate citizens from the city. After many events, Kohei, the writer of BNHA, revealed to us the world’s strongest woman, who is currently the No.1 Pro Hero of the United States of America. The ‘My Hero Academia’ series is a Japanese superhero manga-based anime which has gained popularity ever since its first release in 2016. Fans are excited about the upcoming season and even for the latest chapters. Now join in to read about ‘her.’

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Who is the World’s Strongest Pro-hero from America?

Star and Stripe, real name Cathleen Bate, is the world’s No. 1 strongest hero, coming from the United States of America to rescue Japan. She is one hell of a hasty Hero, which is not at all a bad trait! For fans, she is similar to being a Goddess. And for her, All Might is like the strongest hero to ever live!

Cathleen appears from the last panel of chapter 328 itself. From chapters 329 to 334, everything about her is detailed enough to bring joy, sorrow, excitement, fear, and every emotion to the surface! Talking about her physique, she looks sturdy. After a thorough analysis, she is similar to All Might in many aspects, her energy, her way of styling her hair tufts, and even her smash! Speaking of her’ hair tufts,’ she has eight tufts of hair, which is similar to All Might’s two hair tufts.

Cathleen Bate and All Might

Living up to the expectation of this article, let’s quickly learn about her quirk. 

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What is Star and Stripe’s quirk?

As has been described in chapter 330, Star and Stripe’s quirk is ‘New Order.’ Her quirk is unique in itself. She is able to assign a new rule to her target only after touching them and calling out their full names. She, in the chapter, is seen to assign the first rule – “Air – As of now, the air does not exist 100 meters ahead of me.” As Shigaraki chokes to death because they were fighting in mid-air, he was also able to retrieve from that fatal blow!

New Order is able to set a rule onto their surroundings allowing the user to manipulate and bestow new properties onto themselves and the world around them. Ranging from simple descriptions to more conditioned ones, New Order is also able to manipulate the condition of an opponent’s body. Cathleen can even use her quirk on non-material things, like the air. Cathleen also was successful in setting a rule to her own quirk, New Order, and having it self-destruct when coming in contact with other quirks. Her quirk acted as a virus when Shigaraki acquired it. 

Stars and Stripe QuirkStars and Stripe Quirk
Hero Name- Stars and Stripe (Quirk- New Order)

Star and Stripe also uses New Order to catch the laser and focus all to annihilate Shigaraki. Amidst the fighting, Cathy was able to touch Shigaraki and even call his full name (the conditions to activate New Order)” If Tomura Shigaraki moves at all, his heart will stop.”

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Is ‘New Order’ the strongest quirk of all?

No matter what one’s quirk is, including All For One and One For All, there ought to be some weaknesses of all. The same goes for New Order of Stars and Stripe.

Her quirk, New Order, is only able to set two rules at any given time. She was also unable to defeat Shigaraki by stopping his heart. That is because, while she called out the person’s name she wants to activate her quirk upon, it is also important for the target to align themselves with that identity itself. In short, Cathleen’s understanding of the target’s identity had to align with their own! New Order, henceforth, is more suitable to activate on a non-living object which has no sense of self.

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