What To Know About the Latest Additions

What To Know About the Latest Additions

Nintendo Switch Online has just added four additional games to the service’s base tier. The games being added are Kirby’s Dream Land 2, BurgerTime Deluxe, Side Pocket, and Xevious, which adds more games to the recently introduced Game Boy collection, as well as the NES and SNES. With the last games for the older systems being added almost a year ago, these additions are more than welcome to the service, particularly for those who don’t have the Expansion Pass.

The four newly added games for the Nintendo Switch Online include three classic arcade games, which made their way from NES, SNES, and Game Boy ports to eventually end up on the Switch. One of Kirby‘s first games adds even more to the newly-added Game Boy application. Here’s an overview of what fans should know about these newly added titles.

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Kirby’s Dream Land 2 Is a Great Throwback for Fans

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Kirby’s Dream Land 2 is the third-ever Kirby game, featuring the familiar side-scrolling platforming of the franchise. Originally released in 1995 for the Game Boy, this continuation in Kirby’s adventures also introduces three Animal Friends to help him. Rick, Kine, and Coo serve as allies and extra lives in Kirby’s quest to collect and return rainbows that connect the islands of the titular Dream Land. With Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe recently releasing on the Switch, Kirby’s Dream Land 2 offers a fun throwback.

BurgerTime Deluxe Is a Game Boy Version of an Arcade Classic

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BurgerTime Deluxe is a sequel to the original arcade game, BurgerTime. Released in 1991, the aim of the game is to make burgers by walking across platforms, climbing up ladders, and dropping burger buns and patties down to form a whole burger. Other ingredients feature as enemies in this platformer, with walking fried eggs and sausages becoming stage hazards. BurgerTime Deluxe adds 24 new levels in the same BurgerTime style, and while none of the levels from the first game return, the amount of new levels quadruple the amount found in the original. With more Game Boy games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, the addition of a classic is great.

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Side Pocket Is Another Arcade Port for the SNES

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Side Pocket is a billiard simulator first released in 1986. Originally an arcade game, Side Pocket received an SNES port in 1993, which is the version now available on Nintendo Switch Online. The game features various billiards games for both single and multiplayer, with options for Nine Ball, Trick Shot, and Pocket games.

Each mode offers its own win conditions and rules, with Nine Ball requiring pocketing the numbered balls in ascending order, Pocket letting the players pocket the balls in any order but with the fewest shots, and Trick Shot setting up a series of difficult shots to make. The last time a SNES game was added to the NSO was in July 2022, so this return of Side Pocket could prove to be the return of even more classic games, which would be positive for the service as a whole.

Xevious Is an NES Arcade Shooter

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Xevious, first released in 1982, is an original, vertically scrolling arcade shooter. The player controls the Solvalou starship as they fight off the not-quite devious Xevious alien forces to save the human race. The last Nintendo Entertainment System game added was also in July 2022, so this addition in particular possibly means that more NES games could be on the way. The classic combat of an arcade shooter fits perfectly with the Switch, and the presence of more NES games on modern consoles is always a positive.


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