What Will Jiro Do In ‘Sasaki to Miyano’ Episode 3?

Sasaki to Miyano is a cute BL anime, also known as Shounen Ai. The anime has been airing for a couple of weeks now, and we shall soon see Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3. Here, Miyano is a high school boy who has a secret hobby of reading BL manga. His close friends know about this hobby, but the surprise arises when Sasaki, a senior, suddenly starts to drop by and borrow BL manga from Miyano. Sasaki comes to know that Miyano is a fudanshi (someone who enjoys reading manga, novels, or watching BL).

Miyano spends his days peacefully while reading Boys Love manga and worrying if his face looks girly. In the first episode, Miyano encounters a brave senior who stops someone from getting bullied. Miyano got butterflies from this incident, but when he got to know the senior, Sasaki turned out to be a chaotic extroverted person. Sasaki gets intrigued by Miyano’s feisty personality and starts to spend time with him, trying to explore his interests. The anime is a wholesome romance, just like Horimiya. There is a comedy, romance, a slice of life, and the viewers will surely get butterflies while watching this show.

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Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 was released last Sunday. Here, Miyano’s secret fudanshi life and his awkwardness while talking about it are shown. It is very funny, compared to how a “normie” like Sasaki behaves while discussing BL in Miyano’s classroom. Both the character’s differences in nature are portrayed. Sasaki’s personality is bubbly, and he cheers up the mood by bringing up cute things like playing the Chicken Game.

After class, Miyano starts to write his journal when Sasaki asks him to play this game with him. Sasaki insists that it’s really popular in his class. In this game, they would have to hold the opposite sides of the chocolate stick with their mouths and then move closer. The first to turn away lose the game. Miyano starts to think if this is even a real game. He asks why Sasaki even wants to play something like this. Sasaki replies that he just wants to try it out with him. Miyano scolds him that it’s because he had been reading too much BL lately. The scene was super adorable to watch.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3
“I want to be with the person I like” ~Sasaki

Sasaki knew that Miyano didn’t like sweet stuff, so he brought the less sweet version. Instead of holding it with their mouths, Sasaki held it in his hand when Miyano suddenly tilted his face and slowly bit till the end, almost reaching Sasaki’s hand. Sasaki was extremely surprised, and while Miyano blushed softly. Sasaki panicked and left in a hurry because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to hide his feelings. He rushed to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. Sasaki blushed hard and hid his face because he thought that Miyano was cute. The senior asks himself if he’d be able to control himself in the future because he wants to hug Miyano tightly.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3
Miyano is blushing

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Valentine’s Day

The next day, Miyano and Sasaki chat, and Sasaki asks him how he got into BL. Miyano panics and hides behind a book, saying everyone makes mistakes. The plot develops more as Valentine’s Day arrives, and while looking at the chocolates, they think about how good of a BL material it is to have Valentine’s Day celebration in an all-boys school. Sasaki tells him smilingly that they should buy chocolates and exchange them. Miyano feels embarrassed and leaves the store, saying no. Sasaki smiles and buys it for him secretly.

On Valentine’s day, Sasaki asks him how many chocolates Miyano got. Miyano replies that he got 36 chocolates because it was a class event. Everyone brought coin-shaped chocolates to exchange. Sasaki’s face grew colder, and he eventually left for home. He silently marched towards his room without answering his sister. The snow falls, and Sasaki is shown to be sadly lying down on his bed looking at the chocolates he bought for Miyano. He wonders who might have been the first person to give Miyano the chocolates with pain flashing in his eyes, and that’s where the episode comes to an end.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3
“Damn, he’s so cute” ~Sasaki

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Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3 Release Date & Preview

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3 will be released on 24th January 2022. The episode will be titled “The Senior is”. In this episode, there is going to be an introduction of a new character called Jiro Ogasawara, who is one of Sasaki’s classmates. Jiro’s girlfriend is into BL manga, which makes him feel awkward sometimes because she fantasizes about him, about being with another boy in a romantic relationship.

Jiro will get to know about Miyano’s obsession with BL, and since he’s not a fan, there might be some clash. Sasaki and Miyano will slowly start to realize their feelings for each other. The episode is going to have more plot development among the two boys and how they fall in love with each other! There is no official preview yet.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3
Sasaki to Miyano

Where to watch Sasaki to Miyano?

Sasaki to Miyano will be released on Monday, 24th January 2022 at 00:00 (Hong Kong, Taiwan) UTC+8 and GMT+8 on the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel for most of the Asian country viewers and Funimation for international viewers.

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