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When Can We Expect Trigger Point ITV To Release?

Trigger Point ITV Release Date

Trigger Point is highly anticipated by viewers as they wait for its release on ITV. We know it is coming this year, but when? The upcoming action series starting Vicky McClure promises to give us a story of counter-terrorism in the homeland. Firstly, Trigger Point tells the story of a bomb squad unit in London. Secondly, in six action-packed episodes, we will see a story that will surely give us a lot to talk about.

With the top brass of ITV shilling for the series, like Polly Hill (she’s in charge of the network’s drama section) saying that “it will have you at the edge of your seat since from the start”. We can surely expect a lot from it. Moreover, the series was produced by HTM Television, Jed Mercurio’s company, the same man who created “Line of Duty” and “Bodyguard”.

Trigger Point ITV Release Date
Vicky McClure as Lana Washington

Trigger Point Cast

Trigger Point tells the story of a bomb squad working in present-day London. Firstly, the cast is led by Vicky McClure under the role of Lana Washington. She plays a bomb technician with experience in Afghanistan, currently working at the London Metro Bomb Disposal Squad. Also, Adrian Lester plays Joel Nutkins. He’s one of the other officers working with Washington in the dangerous task of defusing explosives. He also served in Afghanistan.

When interviewed for her star role, McClure expressed excitement and joy in her role. On one part, she insisted on wearing a real-life bomb disposal officer uniform to add authenticity to her role. And the producers pleased her with her request. She had to wear the heavy equipment and carry it around for the shooting. Additionally, McClure feels no problems when questioned about the similarities with her previous role for yet another production for Jay Mercurio, Kate Fleming in “Line of Duty” by expressing that she has “no concerns at all”. Good for her!

The rest of the cast has Mark Stanley (you may remember him from “Honour”) playing Detective Inspector Thom Youngblood. Warren Brown (you may remember him from “Luther”) plays Karl Maguire. Kerry Godliman (from “After Life”) plays Sonya Reeves. Cal MacAninch (from “Des”) plays LeeRobins. And Majinder Virk (from “Midsomer Murders”) plays Samira Desai. Lastly, Ralph Ineson plays Commander Bregman.

Where to Watch Trigger Point?

Trigger Point will be available to watch via ITV. If you want to watch Trigger Point, tune in when it airs. Alternatively, if you want to watch it online, all you need is to get an ITV subscription with your television license and start streaming it the moment they drop it on the ITV Website. Furthermore, ITV is entirely free to watch if you reside within the United Kingdom. If you live outside the UK, you need to wait until some other network picks the program up for distribution.

Trigger Point ITV Release Date Trigger Point ITV Release Date
Adrian Lester as Joel Nutkins

Trigger Point Plot

Trigger Point was written by Daniel Brierley, and it focuses on the lives of a Bomb Squad Unit in London that performs counter-terrorism operations. These men and women risk their lives by facing the toughest menaces that the civilized western world must face. At the moment of the series, in present-day London, a terrorist campaign has the city under siege. And these men and women have the difficult task of facing the bad guys laying siege to the city with their special weapons and tactics.

When the terrorists explode several bombs, they’re called upon into action. “The Expos,” as the bomb-defusing team is called, must risk their lives in a race against time to be at the forefront as first responders to a number of potential bomb sites. Every mistake can end their lives and the lives of countless innocent people surrounding them.

Trigger Point Trailer:

Trigger Point ITV Release Date

Trigger Point will release on ITV in January 2022. Firstly, the exact date is yet to be confirmed. Secondly, the production for this six-part series began in Summer 2021 and it stars Vicky McClure (from Line of Duty) playing the cunning role of a bomb-defusing operative of an antiterrorism elite task force. Her past is riddled with all sorts of anecdotes because she worked that dangerous job in Afghanistan.

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