When Will Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Release?

Outlander season 6 episode 7 release date
Outlander S06 E07 Preview Image/Credits: Starz

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 will arrive after a hiatus, and while that may come as a disappointment for many, fans will be delighted and excited to hear and see what the next installment of this Season entails. After the dark stuff we got in the previous outing, the show seems to be continuing the horrors. While Claire and others battled a dysentery epidemic previously, the next Episode’s focus will be on what happened at the end of the sixth Episode. Malva is dead, and before her death, which also tragically took her unborn with her, she made a shocking revelation.

Claiming that her child belongs to Jamie Fraser as well, Malva surprised everyone. However, Claire remained on her husband’s side, who refused that it was his child. However, an even greater shock came when Claire found Malva with her slit throat at the end of the Episode. Now all the signs and visible evidence lead to Claire’s guilt. However, who really killed Malva? Let’s now delve into all that Episode 7 of Outlander Season 6 will be about. Spoilers ahead!

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Release Date

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 will release on April 24, 2022, at 9/8c. The official synopsis for the penultimate Episode states, “Claire struggles with her demons as a nefarious rumor begins to spread on the Ridge. Tensions rise as the residents fear there is a dangerous person in their midst.” Titled “Sticks and Stones,” the directorial and writing credits for the next Episode are currently unknown. You’d be able to watch the Episode on April 24, when it airs on Starz as per the usual airing schedule. Additionally, you can also watch it online via Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Promo Breakdown & Preview

Additionally, the official promo for Episode 7 sheds some significant light on what’s transpire next on the show. After the final events of the previous Episode, Claire is in a rather precarious spot. With her hands smeared with blood and having been found near the dead body of Malva, all hands of suspicion point towards her. We see Tom accusing her in front of Jamie in the trailer. Meanwhile, other people in the settlement are also highly suspicious of her. It makes sense, too, given everyone has seen her at the site up her elbows in blood. Jamie is defending his wife, but even he knows the gravity of the situation. How will Claire get out of this quandary?

There’s also the fact that the murder of Malva does have ambiguity and mystery. Who’s the real killer, if not Claire? And will we get to learn the true identity of the one who killed her? These are some of the pressing questions that we have for the next Episode to answer. Along with Malva, her child is also dead. This puts the whole ridge in a tense and harrowing atmosphere. Following the dysentery epidemic, this murder has only added to the recent instability. Claire wonders in the trailer just who has done this, as do we. Jamie tells her that they’ll find out whoever it is. Let’s hope they do find the killer before anything more drastic happens. Meanwhile, Claire also has to come clean about the ether addiction that she’s been using as a coping mechanism.

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