January 29, 2022

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When Will Shuumatsu no Harem return?

When will World's end Harem comeback?

If you ask for something with utter unexpectedness, then I will recommend you to go ahead and take a look into the anime world. When you are someone who loves to watch anime from any genre, then you know very well that you can’t get a straight plot from any anime. Where some anime targets shonen, action, comedy, romance, here is this anime which have a totally different storyline that is very unique and unexpectedly funny. Here we are talking about World’s End Harem. Do I need to say something regarding this? The title of the series says all of it, World’s End Harem is based on a very unique concept that might not be suitable for many viewers, yet it has a very huge fanbase.

The reason why it is not suitable for all of the viewers is that the plot of the series does not suit the normal anime broadcasting norms. The plot is over the edge and strictly not recommended for underaged people. When the broadcasting of the series was initially announced, many people didn’t believe their eyes and ears, as the content is simply not suitable to be released normally. However, creators have taken care of everything very properly and have made some limitations regarding the scenes they are going to broadcast. But since the series is not releasing episodes anymore, is it going to return or not?

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About World’s End Harem

Shuumatsu no Harem or popularly known as World’s End Harem, is a Japanese manga series written by LINK and demonstrated by Kotaro Shono. The manga was officially published by Shueisha and made its debut on 8th May 2016, and is still ongoing. As I had mentioned above that when the anime series was announced, manga fans didn’t believe it because they were already aware of the content of the manga. However, this doesn’t prevent creators from creating an anime series for it, which debuted with its very first episode on 8th October 2021.  The anime series was created by Studio Gokumi and was broadcast and an anime television series on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, and AT -X networks. So, after the introduction of the series, we are going to look at the reason why the series may disturb some of the viewers.

Elisa Tachibana – World’s End Harem

The plot of the series is set up in the future in the year 2040 and centers around the life of a man named Reito Mizuhara. The man is kept within cryostasis as he was waiting for a life-saving treatment to get introduced. This is the kind of situation that relates to the pandemic we all are facing now. However, the case with Reito is totally different. After 5 years, he discovered that in the meantime, a very deadly virus called MK (man-killer) had made its way into the human population.

The virus only affects males of the population hence killing 99.9% of the world’s male population. Later, Reito gets to know he is one of those men who managed to get immunity against the virus. He is one of the five men that are left all over Japan, hence given the task to indulge in a breeding program and impregnate as many women as possible to replenish the world’s population.

When Will Shuumatsu no Harem return?

The anime World’s End Harem is inappropriate because its content is full of totally adult material. However, the series is yet to release all of it because the doubts fans had when its release was announced came true when the broadcasting was withdrawn. Many of them concluded that, since the series contains a lot of stuff that is ill-suited to get animated, the creators have withdrawn the release of further episodes. It was seen that there are no more episodes from the series after the release of its first episode on 8th October 2021, which is quite shocking for any newly released anime series.

When will shumatsu no Harem return?
Mira Suou – World’s End Harem

Its release was delayed for the reason that states that the anime series is needed to be “closely examined”. However, to the surprise of many fans, a word from the creators has been published that announced the comeback of the series. It stated that the series is had not concluded nor canceled, so a new broadcasting date from World’s End Harem has been announced. The creator further announced that World’s End Harem is going to make a comeback on 7th January 2022, and it has been confirmed since the news is from official sources.

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