Where Is Doctors Filmed? All About The Series

The famous drama series, Doctors
The famous drama series, Doctors

You must have heard about this long-running popular medical soap opera, Doctors. Yes, it’s been years, and still, the show is on with a huge number of viewers till now. The show has fantastic coverage of real-life problems as well. It also consists of an extremely huge number of cast and crew members with various changes in its shooting location all so good.

This popular show focuses on the day-to-day lives of the staff at a Birmingham medical practice as well as the lives of their close ones. It also gathers our interest by showing the drama and incidences between the staff and their patients very often.

The episodes of Doctors are filmed three months prior to the transmission with a few annual breaks. It has won a big share of viewers in its time slot since the very beginning. This series has a huge number of episodes with most of these approximately 30 minutes long and some special episodes 45-60 minutes long.

Here we are with this blog which contains everything about Doctors including its filming locations, the basic plot of the soap opera, its release date, the star cast of the show, other facts about the same, and much more. Scroll down till the last to read everything you need to know about the series.

Doctors: Filming locations

The series is running for so long now and that is why has so many locations shifting throughout its run. BBC’s former Pebble Mill studios in Edgbaston was the filming location of Doctors from 2000 to 2004. After its closure, the set shifted to the Birmingham city center but it had no studio place. Thus the show again had to transfer to the new BBC Drama Village development in the Selly oak.

The regular shooting locations of the soap opera include Mill Health Centre, Letherbridge Police Station, the Icon Bar, the University of Letherbridge’s Campus Surgery, St Phils Hospital, HMP Letherbank Prison, and Sutton Vale surgery.

A filming location of DoctorsA filming location of Doctors
A filming location of Doctors

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About the series

Doctors is a British medical soap opera. It is a very old long-running series which first broadcasted on 26th march 2000 on BBC one and is still in continuation. Actually, BBC ordered just 41 episodes of this series, but the huge success and positive responses of the opera forced it to go further with the show. It earned a tremendous amount of awards and nominations throughout its tenure. The show takes three annual transmission breaks every year, at Easter, at Christmas, and during the summer.

The highlights of Doctors

The soap, Doctors, revolves around the lives of the staff members of a university campus surgery as well as an NHS doctor’s surgery. It also focuses on the lives of their friends and families. The show also tackles various controversial issues of the real-life and taboo issues in British culture along with their unseen social life.

In 2020, the show began with Jimmi’s colleagues figuring out about Jimmi’s framing. Daniel and Zara reunited, while Ruhma temporarily gets excluded. Karen and Rob experience many things that included Abz’s rape and Jayden’s epilepsy. Also, after the claim of witnessing Tom and Ella’s father murdering their mother, they were given their responsibility. It later uncovers that actually Ella killed her mother herself seeing her abusing her father. Ayesha departs for a better opportunity.

In 2021, Luca enters with an HIV-positive status grieving for his dead boyfriend. Sid is unsure about his career in the medical field and Valerie marries herself after a cancer scare. 2021 also showed us the settlement of Karen and Rob’s marriage.

Facts about Doctors

Chris Murray is the creator of this amazing Medical Soap Opera. It has a total of 23 seasons with 4148 episodes yet. Dawn Coulson-Beckett, Caroline Slater, Grainne O’Boyle, and Daniel Wilson are its current producers. BBC Studios Continuing Drama Productions is the production company contributing to Doctors.

Set of the old award-winning series, DoctorsSet of the old award-winning series, Doctors
Set of the award-winning series, Doctor

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