Where Is Food Network’s BBQ Brawl Filmed? All Filming Locations Revealed

BBQ Brawl filming locations
BBQ Brawl season 3 judges

BBQ Brawl is a cooking competition reality TV series that airs weekly on Food Network, as viewers wonder about its filming locations. The third and latest season of the series just hit the air on May 9, 2022. The reality show stars Bobby Flay, Anne Burnell, and Jet Tila as they mentor and coach the country’s best barbeque challengers in an intense competition. Each episode sees the captains, along with their teams, square off against each other. Meanwhile, they aim to mentor, inspire, and nurture their teams of specialty pitmasters from all across America. In an intense competition, the contestants battle it out with their boastful barbeque skills.

The contestants are fighting for the grand prize that entails the title of “Master of Cue”. However, that’s not all; there’s another prize in the bag for the winner. The winner of BBQ Brawl will go on to bag a starring role in a series. While the latest and third installment of the series has just started airing, the viewers are once again curious as to where exactly is BBQ Brawl is filmed. The question is understandable since the backdrops to the set seem very fascinating. If you’re among the curious ones seeking the names of the filming locations for BBQ Brawl, you’re at the right spot!

Season 3 of BBQ Brawl commenced on Food Network this Monday, May 9, at 9:00 pm ET.

Where Is BBQ Brawl Filmed — All Filming Locations Explained

BBQ Brawl is filmed at the Star Hill Ranch, which is just outside Austin, Texas, and provides the filming locations that are most conducive to the production of the show. The filming for the entirety of the show takes place within this ranch. It has provided the filming locations for BBQ Brawl for its entire run, i.e., all three seasons.

Amy Mills, one of the judges in Season 1, wrote a blog about the behind-the-shoot during the principal photography on her own restaurant’s official website. The barbeque heiress went on to write about the filming locations of BBQ Brawl with great praise. Writing in great detail about the sets and settings, she wrote, “The show was filmed in a fairy-tale setting outside Austin called Star Hill Ranch.”

She went on to add that the show’s crew built an intricate and rustic set. Replete with grilling stations, a judging counter, and a pantry, the set design complements the overall infrastructure of the ranch. The former BBQ Brawl judge was all praises for the interior as well as exterior designs of the various vintage buildings at the ranch.

Where is barbecue brawl filmedWhere is barbecue brawl filmed
Judges flipping a coin in front of the season 3 set at the Star Hill Ranch

The About Us page of Star Hill’s official website reads, “Star Hill is a re-creation of a Texas Hill Country community typical of the early 1900s.” The description further reads, “All of the buildings have been relocated from around the state and carefully restored.” At the center of Star Hill is the historic Pontotoc Chapel, which has hosted hundreds of public worship services and weddings since it opened there in 2004. The ranch provides an accommodating setting for Wedding Ceremonies, Reception, Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Non-Profit & Fund-raisers, Greek & Student Events, Church Retreats & Events, Film & Production, and much more.

Who Are The Contestants For Season 3?

This season’s contestant list is full of passionate, talented BBQ connoisseurs. Let’s get a run-through of all the BBQ experts that will engage in the skewering this season.

Let’s start with Sunny Moody, a true barbeque queen and owner of Mood Swing BBQ. Moody is also a personal trainer and a nutrition coach. Up next on the roster is Tina Cannon. Already a winner of a BBQ competition show, Cannon bagged the victory in Netflix’s American BBQ Showdown. Up next is James Cruse, no rookie to the barbecue game. He went on to win the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest last year.

BBQ season 3 cast food networkBBQ season 3 cast food network
All the contestants of season 3

Winnie Yee-Lakhani, chef and restaurateur, is also part of the contestant roster this season. Founder of Smoke Queen Barbecue, Winnie is a mother of two and a self-taught Pit Madam. Rashad Jones owns Big Lee’s and is a father and a husband. The next contestant on the roster is Tony Froyan. Having completed his culinary training at The Culinary Institute of America, Froyan currently runs Fire & Feast — a catering business in New Jersey.

With a specialty in BBQ food and Vietnamese cuisine, Matthew Roth enters as a contestant in season 3. Roth is also the owner of Smokin Beauty — a bar in Austin, Texas. Up next is Don Nguyen, an expert on Vietnamese dishes and owner of Khoii Barbecue. Last but not least, Michelle Wallace joins the season 3 contestant list with her penchant for cooking which originated in early childhood. Michelle has been a nominee for the Culture Mal Houston Tastemakers Awards.

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