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Where Is Jaws Filmed? All The Filming Locations Of The 1975 Thriller

Where Was Jaws Filmed

The world-famous Jaws Franchise has come a long way! After releasing four terrifying horror films, the franchise finally seems to be coming to an end. The American films released the monsters from the ocean four times in the 70s and 80s. Besides films like Deep Blue Sea, the Jaws franchise is undoubtedly the scariest water horrors. Today we will be talking about the very first film of the franchise, Jaws (1975,) directed by Steven Spielberg. The main villain or hero of the film is the bloodthirsty Great White Shark! This man-eating monster is shredding the bodies of people on the beach. It is keeping several people in terror, and the beachgoers have stopped going to the resort. Someone has to take some action as soon as possible! But where was Jaws filmed? 

Jaws got adapted from the 1974 Novel (same name) written by Peter Benchley. Distributed by Universal Pictures worldwide, Jaws was a staggering success in the box office. It grossed $472 Million worldwide with a small budget of $9 Million! Peter Benchley, who is the author, wrote the screenplay as well. The three main characters are the police chief, marine Biologist, and the shark hunter. Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss nail their roles in the two hours film. 

Jaws’ original filming locations are in Massachusetts. But back then, they faced many budget problems, plus their scheduling was not proper. Jaws won several accolades. Produced by Richard Zanuck and David Brown, the chief location was in Menemsha. It is a fishing village, which gave hardly any problems to Spielberg and co. Bill Buttler’s cinematography has helped Jaws 1 become the best Jaws move to date! Let’s check the filming locations of Jaws!

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Where Was Jaws Filmed

Robert Shaw

Where Was Jaws Filmed? All Filming Locations

The starting idea for the principal location was in Eastern Long Island. It is the southeastern part of New York and is densely populated. The filming of Jaws started on May 2, 1974. Spielberg initially finished the shooting in Martha’s Vineyard. It is an island in Massachusetts. It took a lesser budget and helped to finish the film in time. David Brown wanted a place which is of vacation type. He wanted a place where the business would end if tourists stopped coming.

Police Chief Brody gets supplies at the beach. He also got the stuff to make the classic “Beach closed” sign. That part got filmed in Water Street and Main Street in Edgartown. There is a scene where the mayor has a conversation with Brody about the Shark kills. That got filmed in Chappaquiddick Island. It is basically at the Northern end of the town. You will find a ferry to travel back to Dagget Street. This is the same island where Mary Jo Kopechne had died.

Due to many reasons, Martha’s Vineyard got the cut. Like the shores were not so deep. The water never drops below 35 ft. This allowed Spielberg’s mechanical man-eater to operate with comfort. Jaws is not like its sequels. The other films had cameras go deep into the ocean. But Steven wanted to keep it ashore. Celebrated cinematographer Bill Butler introduced equipment that helped in shooting inside and outside the water. During those days, filming 100 ft above or below the ground was as good as impossible! The great director also chose not to have any red color in the film’s background. He ordered the art department that the only red would be the blood! 

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Where was Jaws FilmedWhere was Jaws Filmed

Martha’s Vineyard

Some Interesting Facts About Jaws:

As we all know, Peter Benchley’s masterpiece led to Jaws 1 (1975.) During its filming, Steven Spielberg was planning to give another name to Jaws! They came with many names that included the keyword Jaws in them. Ultimately, the team settled with “Jaws.” Peter Benchley even made a cameo appearance in the film. He came in the avatar of a news reporter from the Washington Post. 

Steven Spielberg got assigned for Jaws due to one of his earlier projects. Spielberg made a similar film named Duel. It had the same degree of violence & thrill as Jaws. The Perfect Fit! In other films of the franchise, we see the sharks quite early. But in Jaws 1, it took 1 hr 21 mins for the Great White to appear! It took almost 160 days for Jaws to complete. According to the schedule, it was supposed to be 60 days. 

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