Where Is King of Kings Filmed? Filming Locations Of The 1961 Movie

Where Was King of Kings FIlmed?
Where Was King of Kings Filmed?

King of Kings was filmed in a number of locations all around the world. Some of the most iconic and historically significant places were used to capture the essence and magnitude of this biblical epic. Here is a list of some of the most notable filming locations for King of Kings!

Firstly, King of Kings is a 1961 film by Nicholas Ray under the MGM production company. Secondly, this movie dramatizes the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The movie stars Jeffrey Hunter in the lead role of Jesus Christ and has an ensemble cast. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the locations for the filming of this movie!

Where Was King of Kings Filmed?Where Was King of Kings Filmed?
The crucifixion in King of Kings

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Where Was King of Kings Filmed?

Spain is a diverse and beautiful country, full of history and culture. From the bustling city streets of Barcelona to the stunning mountain villages in the north, there is much to explore in Spain. And what better way to experience all that Spain has to offer than by visiting some of the filming locations for King of Kings?

Avila, Spain

The scene of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist in the River Jordan was filmed in El Fresno. This is a small municipality located in the Valley of Amblés by the bank of the Adaja river. It is in this location where the production crew decided that they would replicate the conditions of the River Jordan. Why did the producers choose Spain? Because of its geographical similarities and climate to the region where Jesus once lived in modern-day Israel.

Where Was King of Kings Filmed?Where Was King of Kings Filmed?
Outside view of the walled city of Avila, Castilla y Leon, Kingdom of Spain

Chinchón, Spain

Firstly, Chinchón is a tiny little town and municipality in the southeast outskirts of Madrid. It belongs to the Tajo-Jarama Basin, and it contains lots of river banks, valleys, mountains, and swamps. It was here that the filmmakers chose to film the famous Sermon on the Mount scene, the longest moral teaching of the Christian faith after his journey through the desert.

Where Was King of Kings Filmed?Where Was King of Kings Filmed?
Aerial view of Chinchón, Spain

Manzanares, Spain

Located right in the heartland of the Kingdom, Manzanares, The Royal City, as is its formal name, is a municipality and city that dates back to the 13th century, and it was one of the pride and joys of King Phillip II. It was here where they decided to film and recreate the city of Nazareth, where Jesus lived his life.

Where Was King of Kings Filmed?Where Was King of Kings Filmed?
A view from the outskirts of Manzanares

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Añover de Tajo-Toledo, Spain

In the outskirts of Añover de Tajo, an elevated mountain right by the bank of the Tajo river in the shire of La Sagra, lies the place where they decided to shoot some of the scenes for the journey of Jesus in the desert and the Mount of Olive’s scene.

Where Was King of Kings Filmed?Where Was King of Kings Filmed?
The city of Toledo, Spain, with the famous Alcazar in the background.

So, how did you like the filming locations for King of Kings in Spain? The Kingdom of Spain is one of the most culturally rich and most beautiful places to visit in Southern Europe, with vast sightseeing, every small town has its own unique history and traditions. And the food! It’s not only paella, that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the gastronomic experience in this country. Spain has a lot of 3-star Michelin restaurants! Be sure to have enough storage in your devices because you won’t get enough of taking pictures and shooting movies all over the place when it comes to Spain!

King of Kings Trailer:

Where To Watch King of Kings?

If you want to watch this Biblical epic movie from the early 1960s, you can do it from TCM and Spectrum. Secondly, you can purchase or rent it from Apple iTunes, Vudu Fandango, Google Play, Amazon Direct Video, the Microsoft Store, YouTube TV, and DirecTV. With this, we conclude our coverage of the King of Kings filming locations. Thanks for reading our article. If you like to know where all your favorite films are shot, be sure to keep checking Otakukart for daily updates. See you soon!

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