Where is Kinji Hakari in Jujutsu Kaisen? Will he Show up?

Now that the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film has brought Yuta Okkotsu from Jujutsu High second year into the limelight, fans are already wondering about the third-year student about whom the author has dropped hints throughout the series. Yes, I am talking about Hakari, the only Jujutsu High student who is yet to appear on the anime silver screen. Where is Hakari hiding for all these months? Is he even alive? How did he mess up his relationship with the higher-ups?

Back in the Cursed Training arc, Maki mentioned him as the student who won’t be participating in the Kyoto Goodwill Event due to suspension. We didn’t hear much about him till Itadori and Megumi were searching for strong sorcerers to assist them in the Culling games. Yuta bluntly stated that Hakari could be stronger than him when he gets worked up. A statement like that from a special grade sorcerer is more than enough for us to look forward to this character.

How Strong is Kinji Hakari? What is his cursed technique?

Despite his reputation, Kinji Hakari is one of the most promising students of Jujutsu High. Satoru Gojo has strong faith that he can surpass him in the future. Hakari’s specialty is hand-to-hand combat, and he can beat down the toughest sorcerers solely with his bare hands. Itadori had to bear quite a few of Hakari’s heavy blows to get his approval. However, we haven’t seen his cursed technique yet. Itadori once commented that Hakari’s punches felt like getting slugged by a baseball bat with razors.

Kinji Hakari’s cursed technique

This hints that Hakari must have mastered infusing cursed energy into his monstrous strength. In an interview with Fuji TV’s Mando Kobayashi, Gege Akutami hinted that Hakari’s powers are related to his name. If we directly translate Hakari, it means ‘scales, and fans are coming up with multiple theories. I guess only the upcoming chapters can provide us with a satisfactory answer.

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Where is Kinji Hakari?

Kinji Hakari has always been a revolting kid. His modern ways and application of jujutsu sorcery weren’t well accepted by the higher-ups. Soon, the authority suspended him for their difference in opinions, and he took this as an opportunity to focus on his personal interests. He invested all his money and established his own fight club, where sorcerers clash with each other. With his new fight club, he came up with a way to earn millions of yens without doing much work. After getting impressed by Itadori’s ‘Fever,’ he agreed to help him in the Culling games. Now it goes without saying that he has some selfish motive behind lending his help that easily. Who knows, he may even join back to Jujutsu High when the situation settles a bit.

Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 18 cover featuring Kinji Hakari

Is He Evil?

From what we have seen in the manga so far, we can’t exactly call him evil. Rather, he is extremely selfish and self-absorbed. He barely cares about jujutsu High’s regulations and shows no loyalty towards anyone. To quite the contrary, Hakari’s girlfriend Kiarra stated that his fever burns the hottest while working for Jujutsu High. This hints that Hakari may still have a soft corner for Jujutsu High. He looked genuinely sad when he heard about Principal Yaga’s death and Gojo sensei getting sealed.

Itadori vs Hakari fight

However, we mustn’t forget that Hakari only agreed to help, considering that Megumi is the current head of the Zenin clan. He is trying to make the most of Megumi’s position to alter the strict rules and regulations of Jujutsu High. In other words, he thought that helping Megumi in the Culling games would ultimately ease up the legalization process of his fight club. Once that happens, he won’t have to hide in the shadows anymore. Involving the Jujutsu High students will undoubtedly skyrocket the club’s popularity, thereby bringing him an enormous amount of money.

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