Where is Royal Matchmaker filmed? All Locations Revealed

Royal Matchmaker, one of the most romantic movies, which makes people fall in love again, was released in March 2018. The actors performed so well in the film that you will feel that this is happening in real life for a moment. The whole film taught us how to fall in love all over again. How can little effort of a person affect your life in a very fantasized way? I know you must be wondering why I am hyping this film so much but trust me, it is all worth the hype. Now that you are all filled with curiosity as to where Royal Matchmaker is filmed, we shall look into it. Along with that, we shall also look into the film’s cast, crew, and most importantly, where you can binge this most fantasized romantic movie.

Firstly let’s have a glimpse of the movie and what it’s all about. There was a king who wanted to find a wife for his son. And for that, he hired a matchmaker. That’s it. This is what the movie’s all about. Now the question is, where is Royal Matchmaker filmed? Well, we have good news for you. We have revealed all the locations below.

Where is Royal Matchmaker filmed?

Well, there are only a few locations where Royal Matchmaker was filmed. But there is a quote saying, ” Less is always more,” and it suits the film so well. Because the locations are so beautiful that it is more than enough. The whole film of Royal Matchmaker was filmed in Romania. And in Romania, there are a couple of locations where shootings take place, like Peles Castle, Sinaia, Prahova, and Bucharest. Another film, “Royal Hearts,” was also filmed in the same location. You will be glad to know that the filming location was more like a ” fairy tale village”.

The location was quite old yet beautiful. That’s what Joy Lenz (Lead Actor) said in an interview. And the locations are proved to be unique to shoot on. They also shot in a ski town called Sinaia, and it looks like Winterfell. Sinaia is a mountain resort kind of place which is named after the Sinaia Monastery of 1695.

Surprising Reaction of the bride.
Surprising Reaction of the bride in the Royal Matchmaker

Now the question is can you visit Sinaia where most of the film was filmed? Yes, you can visit the location, and you heard it right. So Sinaia is a well-known destination for hiking, skiing, and many more. People there visit to experience the beautiful Peles Castle, Pelisor Castle, Sinaia Monastery, the train station, and the Franz Joseph, and last but not least, Saint Anne Cliffs. We suggest that you should also visit this place to experience what the castles look like.

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This beautiful movie has a very beautiful cast which performed very realistic in the whole film. Bethany Joy Lenz plays Kate Gleason, while Will Kemp plays Sebastian. Then we have Simon Dutton as King Edward, Joseph Thompson as Victor Chatsworth, and Brittany Bristow as Britney. Elva Trill as Petra Petrovich, Poppy Roe as Loraine Paisley, Janis Ahern as Mother of the Bride, and Woody Hamilton Hurst as Rudy, play their parts well/ Lastly, we have Paris Abbott as Paris, Alexandra Krevoy as Alex, Ian Mock as Ian, Katie Hall as Katie, Liliana as Bride, and Matei as the groom. The cast along with the filming locations certainly helped bring the story to life.

Dancing SceneDancing Scene
Dancing Scene on the Royal Matchmaker

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Watch Royal Matchmaker Online – Streaming Details

There are several OTT platforms where you can watch the beautiful and most fantasized film, You can watch the Royal Matchmaker on OTT platforms like VUDU, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Apple TV as well. And this is a must-watch film for those who love to fantasize about every little love moment. Believe me, after watching the movie, you will definitely fall in love with your loved ones all over again.

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