Where Is Soul Surfer Filmed? All Locations of the Drama Movie

Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed
Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?

Soul Surfer is a heartwarming film about teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack but overcame all odds to become one of the most successful surfers in the world. If you’re a fan of the movie, you might be wondering where it was filmed. Wonder no more! In this blog post, we will take you on a tour of the filming locations for Soul Surfer. So grab your swimsuit and sunscreen, and let’s get started!

Soul Surfer is a 2011 biopic by Sean McNamara based upon a 2004 book penned by Bethany Hamilton titled “Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board”. And it tells the true story of a girl that lost an arm surfing on the beaches to a shark and how she managed to bounce back from that dramatic episode. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering this episode.

Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?
AnnaSophia Robb plays Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer

Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?

Firstly, Soul Surfer was filmed in its entirety in the state of Hawaii, the only state outside North America, an archipelago of islands located over 2000 miles from the mainland. It’s a great tourist location. With its 137 volcanic islands, the state was the birthplace of Barack Obama and former presidential candidate and congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Let’s take a closer look at the filming locations for this movie.

Kauai, Hawaii

The first stop on our tour is in Kauai, Hawaii. To begin, Kauai was the primary filming location for Soul Surfer, and it’s where you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. All you need to do is check out some of the images, and you’ll see why these beautiful beaches in the Pacific have that fame! Many of the surfing scenes were filmed on Kauai’s famous North Shore, where Bethany Hamilton learned to surf as a child. You might recognize some of the other popular surfing spots on Kauai, such as Hanalei Bay and Tunnels Beach.

Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?
The beautiful coastline of Kauai in Hawaii, United States

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Oahu, Hawaii

If you’re looking for more of an adventure! Then, you can also visit some of the other filming locations for Soul Surfer. Also, Oahu, Hawaii, was another primary filming location for the movie. And this is where you’ll find world-famous Waikiki Beach. And this is where Bethany Hamilton first tried surfing after her arm was amputated.

Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?
The skyline and coastline of Oahu in Hawaii

So there you have it! A tour of the filming locations for Soul Surfer. We hope you enjoyed learning about where the movie was filmed and that you’ll consider visiting some of these beautiful places for yourself. Unlike other filming locations for many movies, Hawaii is a very accessible place with great packages for everybody, and that includes cruises and short stays as well, so consider it if you’re ever there. Catch the waves and Mahalo! —that means Thank you!


AnnaSophia Robb plays Bethany Hamilton in the lead female role. Secondly, in the female supporting actress role, we have Academy Award-winner Helen Hunt (from As Good as it Gets) playing Cheri Hamilton, Bethany’s mom. Thirdly, Dennis Quaid (from Breaking Away and Traffic) plays Tom Hamilton, Bethany’s dad. Also, Carrie Underwood (from American Idol season four) plays Sarah Hill. Rounding up the cast, we have Craig T. Nelson, Sonia Balmores Chung, Chris Brochu, Ross Thomas, and Kevin Sorbo. The movie also has some footage of the actual Bethany Hamilton and pro surfer Alana Blanchard.

Where to Watch Soul Surfer?

Firstly, if you wish to watch this inspiring biopic, you can buy it from Apple iTunes, Vudu Fandango, Amazon Direct Video, and the Microsoft Store. Also, the movie is available from AMC on Demand, DirecTV, Red Box, and YouTube TV. Lastly, if you wish to rent the movie, you can do it from all of the aforementioned sites. With this, we conclude our coverage of these film locations. Thanks for reading our website. And please keep coming back to Otakukart to stay on top of the latest developments regarding all things entertainment. See you soon!

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