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Where Is The Christmas Card Filmed? Locations & Plot

The Christmas Card Movie Locations

This 2006 Hallmark Channel original movie ‘Christmas Card’ was written by Joany Kane and brought to the screen under the lens of Stephen Bridgewater. Additionally, it stars John Newton, Edward Asner, and Alice Evans. Like all Hallmark productions, it’s a very romantic movie. And this one, in particular, is a holiday season movie that will make many a viewer smile and cozy up as they watch it. Sure, many will find these sorts of productions tacky. But isn’t Christmas about evoking beautiful feelings of love and getting together? This is The Christmas Card movie locations.

So, let me ask you a simple question: what do you anticipate from such a Hallmark sentimental Christmas film? A lot of sweetness, a lot of charm, a separation from reality, but a movie that emanates warmth. And that is all you get from “The Christmas Card,” a basic romantic made-for-TV Christmas film that floats along, never breaking first from the path of expectation but yet manages to delight with its charming romance story.

The Christmas Card Movie Locations

The Christmas Card was filmed between Nevada City, California, and Park City, Utah, United States. Firstly, let’s cover Nevada City, California. Originally called Ustumah, it’s a town sixty miles northeast of the popular city of Sacramento. Known for its tourist attraction, it constantly captivates visitors to the South Yuba River State Park. A hiking trekking trail and outdoor place for the summer. Much of the city’s downtown is deemed a historic place, and its buildings’ architecture dates all the way back to the 19th century. That’s when California was right in the middle of the Gold Rush and every little town was a place for adventure and peril. Lastly, it was the place of choice to shoot The Christmas Card’s scenes.

The Christmas Card Movie Locations

The Christmas Card Movie Locations

Park City, Utah

Located in Summit County and part of the Wasatch Back, Park City is a tiny town located 32 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Mostly a tourist town, where the visitors greatly outnumber the residents. In fact, the visitors rake in the bulk of the revenue for that town. If you heard of the famous Sundance Film Festival, you’ve heard of Park City, Utah. In addition to that great cinematographic get-together, the town also is a great place for skiing. Moreover, Park City’s ski resorts hosted the ski and snowboarding venues for the 2002 Winter Olympics and also was the place where Stephen Bridgewater chose to do several scenes for this Hallmark movie.

The Christmas Card synopsis

During the Afghan war, US Army Sergeant Cody Cullen (John Newton) receives a Christmas letter from a fellow soldier who got it from his hometown of Nevada City, California. Faith Spelman sent the card (Alice Evans). The card has never left his side throughout the months. Cody, who has no family and whose father was killed in Vietnam, is devastated, so when a man who gave him the card is slain. He flies to Nevada City to meet the soldier’s wife a few days before Christmas.

Cody meets into Faith at a small luncheonette, where they chance to have made similar orders, just as he is preparing to leave town. They separate ways, but Cody rescues Faith’s father, Luke (Ed Asner), from becoming struck by a speeding automobile on his way out of town. Luke falls in love with Cody and encourages him to work as a temporary employee at his family’s logging firm. Faith’s longtime lover, Paul (Ben Weber), comes to see her. Paul is a traveler who selfishly wants Faith to leave her close-knit clan in Nevada City.

The Christmas Card Movie LocationsThe Christmas Card Movie Locations

The Christmas Card Movie Locations

Plot thickens with the Christmas Card.

To make things worse, Cody has found love with Faith, and despite her best efforts to deny it, they end up kissing. Faith accepts yes when Paul suddenly asks her to marry him. Nonetheless, Paul dismisses Faith’s desire to remain in the “boondocks” with her family. On Christmas Eve, everything comes to a head. Cody and Paul meet on the church steps, and Cody acknowledges that he loves Faith but understands that she will marry Paul rather and believes that Paul is marrying Faith “for all the right reasons.” Despite the existence of Paul at her side, Faith continues to hunt for Cody, who has chosen to go. When Paul observes, they both go outside and decide to separate ways.

Cody places a Christmas card on the family Christmas tree early on Christmas Day, directing the family to the Holiday gift, a wooden table (inscribed with “Where the Magic Begins”) that he has been going to build to commemorate the family’s favorite spot at a nearby lake where he and Faith first kissed. Cody gives Faith a Christmas card with a handwritten letter that she reads aloud. He expresses his feelings for Faith and bids her farewell in the message. She asks her father whether it was her letter that brought Cody to Nevada City, and Luke responds, “No, you did.” Faith meets Cody at the neighborhood Vietnam War veterans’ monument in the film’s last scene. She reprimands him for not saying farewell, but he kisses her, and she hugs him before she can finish her statement.

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