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Where is ‘Timeless Love’ Filmed? All The Production Locations

Where is Timeless Love Filmed?

Another film full of drama and romance, Timeless Love, was released on 14 June 2020. And for those who love to watch drama with a twist of romance movies, this is a perfect film to watch. The audience certainly loved the film as about 89% of people liked the film. And there is no way that the film can bore you as it has only 1 hour 25 minutes of runtime. Also, viewers find it quite real, which is another good point about the film as all the actors in the film performed so well. Every good movie always has good locations where the movie was filmed. So why not with this one. So, here we shall see, where is Timeless Love filmed?

But firstly let’s talk about the film and what it’s all about? Timeless Love is a very basic love story with a lot of illogical drama. The whole movie is moving around a married couple named Rachel Skarsten as Megan and Brant Daugherty as Thomas. Nowadays, when we talk about what the audience wants to see, we prefer to watch a movie that includes romance full of drama. Now coming to the most interesting part about the film is the locations where the whole film was shot.

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Where is Timeless Love filmed?

It is not fair when we talk about the whole film and not talk about where the film was filmed. Here we shall see where Timeless Love was filmed. Have a look at all the locations given below in detail. This cozy romantic movie Timeless Love was filmed in the winter in Utah. Also, there are so many unnamed locations where the shooting took place to keep viewers curious about the film. Some of the scenes were shot in Utah Valley Simulation Center and UVU. And there is one aquarium scene that was shot at the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper. Coming to other scenes, they were filmed at the Aspenwood Manor in Provo, Utah. And the rest of the scenes were shot in Orem. Coming to the farm scenes, they were shot at Wadley Farms in Lindon. That’s it for the locations.

Where is Timeless Love Filmed?
Still from Timeless Love


When it comes to the casting part, there is a whole lot in numbers. Brooklyn Brough plays Isabelle. Carter Brough is brought on as a crying boy, while Liz Christensen plays Eve. Scott Christopher as Dr. Yates, Natalie Devine Riskas as Natalie, Cathy Ford as a nurse, and K. Danor Gerald as Dr. Taylor play their roles well. Terence Goodman plays Howard Murphy, Marry Hall plays Waitress Noelle, Kristen Marie Jensen plays Frazzled Mother, and Rick Macy plays Patrick Clayborne. Mary Neville takes on the role of an Engaged Woman while Sela Valve plays Clarisa, Brittany Wiscombe takes on the role of mother, and Cole Wiscombe plays the role of Dylan Claybourne. Zoey Wiscombe as Isabelle Claybourne and Yolanda Wood as Libby King also appears in the film. And main characters are Rachel Skarsten as Megan Murphy, Brant Daugherty as Thomas, and Jill Adler as Debra Murphy. All the actors did a spectacular job on their respective parts.

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Timeless Love Storyline

The couple was having a great time together with their two most adorable children. Everything was going well except when Megan found herself awakening from a coma suddenly. And later on, she realizes that she is not in a coma in reality and also she has never been married. Another weird thing noticed is she doesn’t have Thomas and the children in her life. For so many days, she couldn’t stop thinking about the dream she dreamed of. But later on, when she moved on, she got a new job. At her new job, she meets her new boss, and it is found out to be Thomas himself for real.

Still from Timeless Love

Can you believe it? Neither do I. But it is what it is. For Thomas, she was just an employee. After seeing Thomas for real, she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about him all the time. And she knew that she loved him so much, she couldn’t let go of the man she loved. She just has to help him fall in love with her again, for the first time.

Where To Watch Timeless Love?

You can watch Timeless Love by purchasing on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes. Also, if you want to stream it for free, you can watch it on Plex or Tubi.

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