Where To Watch ‘Be Reborn’ Chinese Drama?

Be Reborn Chinese Drama on Youku
“Be Reborn” Chinese Drama on Youku

‘Be Reborn’ Chinese drama has started airing, and it is becoming more and more popular after every episode. If you all thought that Chinese dramas are just about romance, comedy, and lighthearted stories, here is Be Reborn to blow your mind. The series is packed with action, suspense, and thrill, along with crime and mystery. All these genres are in one place in a Chinese drama! Oh yes, it is true, you read that write. The series is making its way through everyone’s heart. If you want a change of mood, then we recommend you to watch this series.

“Be Reborn” Chinese drama can be one of those series that can help you tolerate the scorching heat of the merciless summer. You might be lazy to go out of your house for some adventure, but this series can do the work for you as it will give enough thrill and an amazing storyline that you will not get bored. So here, you will get to know the plot, the cast, and the streaming details for the new Chinese drama ‘Be Reborn’.

What Is ‘Be Reborn’ About?

‘Be Reborn’ Chinese drama revolves around Luo Jian (played by Zhang Yi), who is the leader of the criminal investigation team. He is hardworking, trustworthy, and a competent worker. He is working on a case of an ancient painting being stolen. During this investigation, he encounters Zhuang Wenjie (played by Wang Jun Kai). He is a talented genius in his college.

"Be Reborn" new Chinese Drama"Be Reborn" new Chinese Drama
“Be Reborn” a new Chinese Drama Credit: Youku

It is also interesting to note that he belongs to a family of thieves. These both join hands to solve mysterious and strange cases. The viewers are curious to know how both of them, who are the total opposite of each other, will make an amazing duo. This is not a duo you watch every day. And viewers cannot wait to see how a college student and a crime investigation team leader work with their clashing ideas.

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The amazing cast is filled with talented actors and actresses. The role of Luo Jian is played by Zhang Yi, who is also famous for his roles in “Reborn” and “The Glorious Era”. Along with him is the actor who has been stealing everyone’s heart. He is Wang Jun Kai playing the role of Zhuang Wenjie. He is a Chinese actor, model, singer, and dancer. And to top it off, he is also the leader of the Chinese boy group TFBOYS. He has been a part of many past series such as “Boy Hood” and “Faith Makes Great”. Joining them are Joyce Feng (Su Ying), Fan Shi Ran (Lin Zhi Yue), Xu Yue (Liao Shuang), and Lan Hai Meng (Pang Da Zhi). The series will be helmed by Yang Dong, who also directed ‘Reborn’ in 2020. Viewers already love everyone’s acting, and the story is going very well.

"Be Reborn" a new Chinese Drama "Be Reborn" a new Chinese Drama
Wang Jun Kai as Zhuang Wenjie in “Be Reborn” Chinese Drama

Where To Watch ‘Be Reborn’?

The original network of ‘Be Reborn’ is Youku. Viewers can watch the series on the Youtube channel of Youku for free. Yes free! The subtitles for the series are available in English, Arabic, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. The series airs every day. Yes, you do not have to wait the whole week to watch the next Episode. Watching the series will be the perfect way to release your stress after a hectic day. The series started airing on April 27, 2022, and the last Episode will air on May 20, 2022. It will have a total of 26 episodes. Viewers are already enjoying the series and are loving the genre of the series.

Youku has been giving out many amazing series like “Falling Into Your Smile,” “Be Your Self,” “Why Women Love,” and recently “Master of my Own”. And now, ‘Be Reborn’ is added to the list of amazing Cdramas too. So get ready with your ice cream to watch the amazing Chinese series ‘Be Reborn’.

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