Which Series 4 Cards To Buy First

Marvel Snap Zabu official artwork and Sauron card

Marvel Snap‘s newest cards first release into Series 5, alongside “Big Bads” like Thanos and Galactus, before dropping into Series 4, where they remain for about two months. There are 12 Marvel Snap cards in Series 4 at the moment, including some powerful staples with unique abilities that strengthen multiple meta-dominant archetypes.

Marvel Snap players enter Series 4 at around Collection Level 1,000, but Series 4 cards are also purchasable from Marvel Snap‘s Token Shop for 3,000 Collector’s Tokens each. Among them, Knull is a fine addition to Galactus decks, Sauron is powerful alongside cards with detrimental Ongoing effects like Ebony Maw, Zabu synergizes perfectly with combo decks that use 4-Cost cards, and Darkhawk enables an innovative but surprisingly powerful strategy. Here are all the best Series 4 Marvel Snap cards and why they’re worth the Tokens.


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Marvel Snap’s Zabu Enables Two 4-Cost Cards on Turn 6

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Zabu, a saber-toothed tiger from Marvel’s Savage Lands, joined Marvel Snap as January’s Season Pass card, and it’s been a mainstay in the meta ever since. It’s ideal for players who want to speed up their game plan, particularly in decks with multiple 4-Cost cards. Zabu is a 2-Cost 2-Power card with an Ongoing ability that reduces the Cost of all 4-Cost cards by 1. This is similar to Sera but far more limited, as it only applies to cards that Cost 4.

This ability is ideal in Marvel Snap‘s Discard Zoo decks, enabling a powerful Turn 6 finisher with Kazar and Hellcow or Strong Guy. Zabu is also powerful in slower Control-style decks that rely on players having a large hand size; with Zabu on the board and cards like Moon Girl, players can fill their hand with discounted 4-Cost cards that should see them through to the end of the game. Players can even play Devil Dinosaur on Turn 5 followed by Moon Girl and another 4-drop on Turn 6 to pump Devil Dinosaur’s Power to absurdly high levels. On the whole, Zabu is great for players who like massive swing turns and huge power plays with discounted cards.

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Sauron Removes the Drawbacks From Marvel Snap’s Riskiest Cards

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Marvel Snap‘s Sauron is undoubtedly one of most powerful Series 4 cards, but pairing Sauron with the right deck is crucial for it to truly shine. Sauron is a 3-Cost 3-Power card with an On Reveal ability that removes the abilities from all Ongoing cards in the player’s hand and deck. Marvel Snap has multiple cards with high Power for their Cost but negative Ongoing effects that hinder the player. Sauron strips away their drawbacks, so players can use them for their brute strength alone.

Sauron works best with cards like Lizard, Typhoid Mary and Ebony Maw, all of which have Ongoing abilities that punish the player or reward the opponent. Additionally, Sauron synergizes excellently with Red Skull, an enormous 5-Cost 12-Power card with an Ongoing ability that gives all enemy cards at that location +1 Power. Alongside cards like Shuri to buff Red Skull’s power and Taskmaster to copy its stats, this makes for a formidable combo that can hold its own in Marvel Snap‘s meta.

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Marvel Snap’s Knull Is Perfect For Galactus Decks

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Knull recently became more accessible to players when it moved from Series 5 to Series 4, and its effect on Marvel Snap cannot be overstated. Its Power equals the total Power of all cards destroyed this game. If the opponent can’t counter Knull, it can easily become too large for opponents to outmatch, winning one location on its own. Since Knull’s Power depends on creatures being destroyed, it synergizes excellently with Marvel Snap‘s Destroy decks.

Marvel Snap cards like Galactus and Destroyer fit this strategy like a glove; not only do they clear the board, they also buff Knull’s Power in the process. Naturally, Knull also works well with Death, which Costs 1 less for each card Destroyed this game, and Wave, which allows both players to play a 6-drop on Turn 4. This facilitates overwhelmingly powerful swing turns in the end-game, especially after players destroy two locations (and all the cards played there) with Galactus. Players who enjoy wreaking havoc on the board before winning with huge, high-Power cards should give Knull a try.

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Marvel Snap’s Darkhawk Facilitates a Fun But Unorthodox Strategy

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Darkhawk is a 4-Cost 0-Power card with an Ongoing ability to gain 2 Power for every card in the opponent’s deck. Without opponents drawing extra cards, Darkhawk is a 4/6 at the end of the game, as the enemy will have three cards left in their deck. However, players can also add cards to their opponent’s deck to boost Darkhawk’s power. Winning this way is an unusual strategy unlike anything else in Marvel Snap, but it’s surprisingly viable.

Players use cards like Korg, which shuffles a Rock into the opponent’s deck, and Rock Slide, which shuffles two, giving Darkhawk +2 and +4 Power. This strategy also works well with Black Widow, which prevents the opponent from drawing a card, providing a further +2 Power to Darkhawk. Zabu also is a strong inclusion to speed things up, as it discounts multiple 4-Cost cards that work well with the deck, like Rock Slide, Shang Chi and Spider-man. Darkhawk is a strong choice for players who like to mix things up with unusual strategies.

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All these cards push distinct strategies and target different win conditions. Players should decide which archetype appeals to them the most before investing resources into new cards. Each strategy has its strengths and weaknesses, but they’re all fun ways to enjoy the game.

As a direct consequence of Marvel Snap‘s monthly Series drops, many new cards are far more accessible than before, including Zabu, Sauron, Knull and Darkhawk. Players should expect to see these cards appearing in more decks than before, and it’s likely they’ll have a lasting impact on Marvel Snap‘s meta going forward. For 3,000 Tokens, players interested in trying out these powerful Series 4 cards would be wise to buy them (or pin them) in Marvel Snap‘s Token Shop as soon as they show up, as when they drop to Series 3, players will need to rely on RNG to find them in a Collector’s Cache.


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