Which Superhero Teams Could Replace The Guardians Of The Galaxy In The MCU

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 brings James Gunn’s Marvel Cinematic Universe trilogy to an action-packed and emotional conclusion, tying up any lingering plot threads in an immensely satisfying fashion while also dropping hints about the franchise’s potential future. However, it seems as though this iteration of the Guardians has finally reached the end of its time in the MCU.

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With the Guardians of the Galaxy potentially finished in the MCU, the sprawling superhero franchise may look to replace the team with another ragtag group of bizarre heroes who can fill the void now left in the Guardians’ wake. Marvel Studios has several promising options from Marvel Comics and the MCU to choose from.

This article contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.



10 Starjammers

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The Starjammers are one of several groups of space pirates in Marvel Comics. Led by Christopher Summers, the long-lost father of Cyclops and Havok of the X-Men, the Starjammers have frequent run-ins with mutants and tend to walk a morally ambiguous line in comparison to other Marvel teams.

The Starjammers perfectly fill the space left by the Guardians of the Galaxy’s absence in the MCU. Both teams start out as outlaws, taking what they want and living lives free of the laws that once bound them. Moreover, with mutants beginning to make their way into the MCU, now is the perfect time for the Starjammers to finally appear in live-action.

9 Guardians Of The Multiverse

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The Guardians of the Multiverse is a team of heroes from multiple different realities gathered together by the Watcher in an effort to defeat Infinity Ultron. The initial lineup of the team included Captain Peggy Carter, a post-apocalyptic version of Black Widow, T’Challa’s Star-Lord, a gladiator version of Gamora, Killmonger, Strange Supreme, and Party Thor.

Aside from their similar names, the Guardians of the Multiverse are the perfect successors to the Guardians of the Galaxy. As the MCU goes further into the multiverse, it makes sense to replace the original Guardians with a team that spans multiple realities rather than one. Even if the Guardians of the Multiverse don’t ever get their own movie, the MCU team deserves its own Disney+ series, at the very least.

8 Power Pack

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Power Pack is a superhero group from Marvel Comics that consists of four siblings: Alex Power, Julie Power, Katie Power, and Jack Power, all of whom are given individual powers by a dying alien. Although the team was never a major facet of the Marvel Universe, many comic readers are familiar with the family of superheroes.

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With themes focused on family, individual responsibility, and the corruptibility of those in power, Power Pack is a worthy successor to the Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU. Interestingly, a live-action film was once in the works with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn (via ScreenRant). Though this project never came to fruition, Gunn’s interest in the property signals how perfect the team would be as successors to the Guardians.

7 The Marvels

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The Marvels is a team of cosmically powered superheroines set to make their debut later this year. So far, the confirmed members of the team include Captain Marvel, Photo, and Ms. Marvel, whose powers all become entwined, leading them to join forces for the first — and likely not the last — time.

This new trio of superheroes could become a facet of the franchise if The Marvels becomes the MCU’s next big success upon its November release date. Since their early adventures will take place in space, the Marvels could easily become the MCU’s new space-faring team following the Guardians of the Galaxy, keeping other planets safe while the Avengers take care of Earth.

6 The Exiles

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The Exiles is a group of superheroes from alternate realities, each plucked from their own timeline in order to protect the multiverse from various threats. Over the years, the team has consisted of variants of notable Marvel characters, including Iron Lad, Wolverine, Valkyrie, and more.

As the MCU builds out its Multiverse Saga, the timing has never been better for the Exiles’ debut. Moreover, their plucky nature and ragtag qualities make the Exiles the perfect new team to fill the Guardians of the Galaxy’s place in the MCU. With another group of misfits protecting the multiverse, the MCU can recreate the same magic that made audiences fall in love with the original Guardians.

5 Great Lakes Avengers

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The Great Lakes Avengers is a team that is comprised of some of Marvel Comics’ weakest superheroes of all time. The group is usually played for comic effect, featuring a variety of lame superheroes, including Flatman, Mr. Immortal, Doorman, and many other lesser-known Marvel characters.

Like the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Great Lakes Avengers is comprised of bottom-of-the-barrel Marvel characters who could become fan favorites thanks to their plucky nature and unwillingness to give up. Interestingly, one of the most prominent members of the team, Mr. Immortal, already appeared in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, potentially setting up the Great Lakes Avengers’ MCU debut.

4 Alpha Flight

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Alpha Flight is Canada’s answer to the Avengers, consisting of various superheroes who have become prominent in Marvel Comics over time. Some notable members of the team include Puck, Guardian, Talisman, Snowbird, Vindicator, and Sasquatch.

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The MCU has mostly stayed away from any of the heroes who comprise Alpha Flight in the comics, perhaps staying away from each in hopes of bringing the entire team together at once. With the Guardians of the Galaxy off on their own adventures, the MCU will need a new B-list superhero team to provide the same humor and heart. Alpha Flight checks both of these boxes as audiences anxiously await the team’s live-action debut.

3 The Ravagers

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The Ravagers are a group of space pirates who appear in all three Guardians of the Galaxy movies. A widespread organization, the Ravagers appear to have at least one prominent team, which is led by Sylvester Stallone’s Stakar Ogord. Stakar’s crew consists of several characters from Marvel Comics, including Gamora, Charlie-27, Krugarr, Martinex, Mainframe, and Aleta Ogord.

The Ravagers have yet to make their mark in the MCU, mostly playing second fiddle to the Guardians of the Galaxy so far. However, with the Guardians apparently taking a break from the MCU, the Ravagers could fill this void, stepping in as the franchise’s main space-faring team of scoundrels and antiheroes.

2 Asgardians Of The Galaxy

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe hinted at the introduction of a new superhero team when Thor joined the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of Avengers: Endgame. In a throwaway line of dialogue, Thor referred to the team as the “Asgardians of the Galaxy,” which happens to be a team from Marvel Comics.

In the wake of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise coming to an end, it would make sense for the MCU to continue the team’s legacy with the Asgardians of the Galaxy. Thor has already forged lasting connections with the Guardians and his fellow Asgardians, which would serve him well in putting together a team comprised of both factions that would protect the galaxy from massive cosmic threats.

1 The Micronauts

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The Micronauts as a group of superheroes from Marvel Comics who serve as the protectors of the Microverse. Due to issues regarding film rights to the Microverse, the MCU has renamed the dimension as the Quantum Realm and could do something similar with its signature band of heroes, finally introducing its own version of the Micronauts.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania did much of the leg work in establishing a potential new team to protect the Quantum Realm. The film featured brand-new characters like Jentorra, Quaz, and Vebb, all of whom would make terrific additions to the new team. In the wake of Kang the Conqueror’s fall, the Quantum Realm will certainly need a team that would keep a similar tyrant from rising to power.

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