Which Yellowjackets Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Yellowjackets is one of the most exciting survival series of recent memory. Yellowjackets splits its time between focusing on a group of girls as they try to survive in the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash and how this event impacts them as adults. These characters are incredibly complex, as they develop from naive teenagers to survival experts to traumatized adults.

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Because Yellowjackets contains so many characters with very distinctive personalities, it’s easy to assign them zodiac signs. This is a fun exercise that allows viewers to get to know the Yellowjackets characters better and see how they can relate to the survivors.



12 Aries: Taissa

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Aries are competitive, passionate, and energetic people, and Taissa displays all of these attributes. Taissa is driven, has the initiative to go look for people out of the woods, and is one of the most competitive Yellowjackets players.

However, after Taissa survives the plane crash, she learns to be more patient and grounded as an adult. She uses her competitive side for good and becomes a successful politician. There’s a lot that Taissa needs to work on, especially her sleepwalking, but her Aries-like determination is sure to keep her afloat.

11 Taurus: Van

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As an Earth sign, Tauruses are dependable and hardworking individuals, just like Van. While Van goes through her own hardships, she’s the most reliable member of the group and is even the one to help Taissa through her sleepwalking.

Tauruses tend to be stubborn people, which aptly describes Van. She’s loyal to her own principles, especially when she believes in Lottie’s ideals. Even as an adult, Van continues as strong-headed as ever and rarely expresses her emotions.

10 Gemini: Crystal/Kristen

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Gemini is one of the funniest signs in the Zodiac. They tend to be talkative, extroverted, and curious. Even though Kristen spent a great deal of Yellowjackets in the background, her interactions with Misty in Season 2 show a lot of these personality traits.

Kristen was eager to get to know Misty and teach her how to perform, which proves how much of a Gemini she was. She was also very optimistic and funny, quickly turning into one of the most hilarious characters in Yellowjackets, but Kristen fell off a cliff to her death in Season 2, Episode 5.

9 Cancer: Natalie

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Deeply emotional and compassionate, Cancers are often intense and overly-sensitive. However, Cancers are also sweet, funny, and loyal. In the same way, the Yellowjackets don’t quite understand Natalie, but she has the best intentions.

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Even though Natalie tends to snap at people, she’s a nurturer at heart. She takes care of her friends whenever she can, and it’s thanks to her that they find animals to eat during their time in the wilderness. As adults, Natalie is the first one of the group to start processing her feelings, which emphasizes her strong connection with her emotions.

8 Leo: Misty

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The most common traits in a Leo are loyalty, generosity, and creativity. However, they can also love being the center of attention. Misty encompasses all these characteristics, as she’s constantly trying to get other people’s attention. She loves to be the helpful one in the group who feels needed. Unfortunately, she’ll go to any lengths to feel this way.

While Misty has many flaws, she’s still extremely loyal. She went all the way to Lottie’s compound to make sure Natalie was okay, even though the latter barely acknowledges her. Furthermore, Misty killed Jessica Ortega because she thought Jessica was a threat to her friends. Misty frequently takes it too far, but she always has her friends’ backs.

7 Virgo: Akilah

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Virgos are practical, sensible, and logical people. Amidst all the chaos in the wilderness, Akilah is one of the few characters who always keeps herself grounded. Instead of being driven by her feelings, Akilah approaches situations with poise and aplomb.

Virgos are sensitive people. Fans see this personality trait in Akilah’s attachment to the mouse she found in the cabin. Although she was as hungry as the other Yellowjackets, Akilah preferred to create a friendship with the little defenseless creature.

6 Libra: Jackie

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At their best, Libras are extroverted, diplomatic, and passionate. However, at their worst, they are passive-aggressive, indecisive, and prone to frustration. This is because Libras are perfectionists, and they have a hard time coping with things being less than they expected.

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Jackie has all the traits of a Libra. When she was captain of the Yellowjackets, it was up to her to keep the peace between her teammates. However, in the wilderness, she didn’t want to accept the difficulty of the situation, and she became hostile and uncooperative.

5 Scorpio: Shauna

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Scorpios have a few negative traits, but they tend to be wise, intelligent, and sensitive people. They can have a hard time trusting others, but given time, they will open their hearts and form indestructible bonds with an intimate group of friends.

Shauna has a hard time letting other people in, but when she does, she becomes completely loyal to them. However, this love can turn into obsession for Scorpios. Shauna clearly had a complex relationship with Jackie; she was so enamored with her best friend that she actually wanted to be Jackie, which caused her to be intimate with Jackie’s boyfriend.

4 Sagittarius: Mari

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Like a typical Sagittarius, Mari can take her honesty a bit too far. Throughout the second season of Yellowjackets, she is brutally honest, which isolates her from most of the other characters.

However, in Yellowjackets Season 1, Mari showed some of the most positive traits of a Sagittarius. Her curiosity and great initiative, for example, led her to accompany Taissa to find other people. The plan ended up failing, but it shows how strategic and proactive Sagittariuses can be when they channel their energy correctly.

3 Capricorn: Travis

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Capricorns are hardworking and pragmatic people. From the moment the Yellowjackets crash-land in the wilderness, Travis has great survival skills and does his best to help the team by hunting animals to eat. He’s a no-nonsense type who tries to keep himself grounded. However, just like a Capricorn, he has a hard time processing his feelings.

Capricorns struggle to be vulnerable with others. Travis, who quickly developed feelings for Natalie, doesn’t know how to communicate his emotions and always ends up snapping at her. However, just like a Capricorn, he is incredibly reliable.

2 Aquarius: Laura Lee

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Aquarius are free-spirited, quirky, and interesting people. They often think outside the box, and they love to create community and safe spaces. Just like an Aquarius, Laura Lee was friendly with others and created a comfortable space for everyone, such as when she guided Lottie through her visions.

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Aquarius signs are also optimistic and intelligent people, both attributes that Laura Lee strongly displayed. She never lost hope that they would find help and was brave enough to fly the plane on her own, thinking she could save all of her teammates. This great feat shows how intelligent Laura Lee was.

1 Pisces: Lottie

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For better or for worse, Lottie is the spiritual leader of the group. Although some people don’t trust her, and it’s hard to know if she truly has a connection with nature, it’s obvious that she only wants to help her fellow teammates. Pisces are compassionate and loving people, traits that perfectly characterize Lottie.

Pisces are very creative, and Lottie’s imagination allows her to connect her visions to something tangible. Whatever happened in the woods, there’s no doubt Lottie had the best intentions. Lottie cares so much about others and is so connected to her emotions that she created a community to help people, which is exactly what a Pisces would do.

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