Who Does Archie End Up With In Riverdale?

So now the teenage detectives have grown up, and everyone wants to know who does Archie, the hottest teen, end up within Riverdale. Ever since Riverdale was released, everyone had their eye on the red-haired boy Archie, and after he lost his dad in the series, everyone not only loved him more but had a different amount of sympathy for him. Archie is loved by everyone, but the question is who rules the heart of our Red. As we all have seen that Betty was into Archie since the beginning of the series. And when we say into Archie, it’s like madly in love with her. She was in love with him since she was a child, and she battled with herself to keep her feelings in check when it comes to Archie. But the heart wants what it wants.

And no matter how much you try to hide your feelings, they always find a way to show up. The same goes for Betty. Even though she was with Jughead but she craved for Archie. It is well said that things that we can’t acknowledge in reality slide into our subconscious. And when Betty found out that her father is the black hood, the first thing she did was kiss, Archie. So actions speak louder than words, and they did. However, both of them were in a relationship and claimed that they loved their partners. But that didn’t stop them from falling in love with each other.

Who Does Archie End Up With In Riverdale

It’s Betty. It has always been Betty. (credits: Netflix)

Bett loves Jughead, and Archie loves Veronica. Both of the couples were like the mitochondria of the high school. However, they were just teenagers, and teenage blood rush can be made you do things that you never want to do.

Who Does Archie End Up With In Riverdale

So the answer to the famous question of who does Archie end up within Riverdale is Betty. Obviously, this has to happen. Archie wrote a song about Betty. She is the one who understands him well. And the sexual chemistry is obviously visible to everyone. Initially, they were not ready to accept that they like each other. But they couldn’t stop thinking about each other. In a way, they were cheating their partners because both of their partners have suffered a lot. Especially Veronica. She attempted every possible thing to keep Archie safe in the jail. She fought with her father and even turned against his own father to support Archie.

While Archie and Betty were in the bunker, she took care of him. Meanwhile, they bonded, cuddled and even confessed to each other that they were in love. But they did not want to cheat their partners, so they pulled a fulls stop to their feelings and somehow found their way back to their partners. But it was very difficult for them to see the person they love kissing some else or walking up next to someone else. However, we know love has weird ways to find the one. And one day, out of frustration, Betty and Archie came clean with their partners and told them that they both were in love.

Betty And Archie Lived Happily Ever After Spoiler Alert

Betty and Archie’s relationship was not limited to lovemaking or spending time together. But they both walk down the aisle, according to the comic Archie. But for now, in the series, the couple is together. Fighting crime and investigating mysteries. However, it was not easy for both of them to find their ways back to each other. Because in a way, they were cheating their partners. So they ended their relationship and you know the rest.

In the 5th season for the very first time Betty and Archie were seen getting involved in an intimate relationship. The couple seemed very happy together and fans are crazy about them. However some fans seems a little unhappy of the fact that Betty and Archie cheated their partners but at the end of the story love wins.

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