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Sookie Stackhouse had several major relationships over the course of HBO’s True Blood, but she ended up with the wrong person in Season 7. Here’s why.

During its seven-season run, HBO’s horror series True Blood treated fans to a love triangle between half-fairy Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires Bill Compton and Eric Northman, with werewolf Alcide Herveaux thrown in for good measure. Yet Sookie didn’t end up with Bill, Eric, Alcide or any other supernatural being. Instead, in a conclusion that left fans disgruntled, it was revealed she married a nameless, faceless everyman. This gave her the normal life Bill imagined for her, but after years of supernatural romantic drama, it felt like a letdown.

While other vampire stories like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries angered a portion of their fans by having their leading ladies choose one supernatural suitor over another, True Blood avoided that fate — and instead underwhelmed all its fans equally. Fan disappointment over Sookie’s faceless and unidentified husband was also indicative of a deeper issue: It was a choice dictated by Bill, not Sookie. In the series’ seventh season, Bill was infected with Hepatitis V — a disease fatal to vampires — and instead of taking the cure Eric offered him, chose to die. His reasoning had everything to do with Sookie.

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Why Sookie Didn’t End up With Bill Compton in True Blood

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Bill and Sookie were powerfully drawn to one another from the beginning of True Blood. At one point, Bill even planned to propose. But in Season 7 he came to believe that Sookie needed to move on from him so she could live a normal life and have kids. Despite her stated desire for him to take the Hepatitis V cure and live, he believed she’d just keep coming back to him and never live the life he dreamed for her.

His reasoning went beyond his own fate. He asked Sookie to kill him with her fairy light before the Hep V could — a move that would make her fully human. Since Sookie was half-fae, her smell was irresistible to vampires, so Bill argued that her life would never be normal if she retained her fairy side. While Sookie initially agreed to Bill’s idea, she ultimately decided against using her fairy light to kill him because it was a fundamental part of who she was. Bill opted to die anyway, and Sookie made good on her promise by using a stake to end his life. However, by declining to become fully human, she effectively ruled out the possibility of a completely normal life.

Nevertheless, the series attempted to put a bow on the story by ignoring that and having the final scene show Sookie living normally anyway. Sookie was pregnant, and she and her husband were throwing a Thanksgiving feast with almost all the characters who survived the events of True Blood in attendance. The scene had the feel of the kind of life Bill wanted for Sookie, and the man she ended up with was a symbol of that. But Sookie’s life had never been completely normal and she rarely made choices that would lead to a quiet small-town existence — until Bill more or less forced that on her.

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Who Did Sookie End Up With in True Blood?

If Sookie had her agency, she’d likely have chosen to end up with Bill. While Eric always loved her, their relationship was short-lived and as Sookie told Arlene, she never really gave herself to Alcide because she was still hung up on Bill. Bill may have dragged Sookie into all kinds of vampire drama, but it was often not of his own making. At his core, Bill was a proper Southern gentleman who could have made Sookie happy if they’d have been able to keep entanglements with other vampires at arms’ length. The one issue would be their inability to conceive children together, but there were other ways they could have had a family.

Moreover, while Bill believed dying was the only way to set Sookie free, even in death it’s impossible to say if Sookie really let him go and was just as in love with Mr. Faceless — or if she settled for him as a way to fulfill Bill’s wish for her. True Blood took an original approach to the conclusion of Sookie’s story by showing her life beyond vampire romance. However, all the questionable logic meant that it sacrificed a more satisfying conclusion for an ending that lived up to no one’s expectations… at least until the rumored True Blood reboot.


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