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Who will become The God in Platinum End?

Mirai and kanade

From the creators of Death Note and Bakuman, Platinum End is an anime revolving around the deep concepts of self-love, happiness, and the existence of God. Ohba and Obata have taken into consideration the high suicide rates of Japan to bring forth a story that lets one be hopeful and see through the darkness into the light. While people expected yet another splendid masterpiece from the two geniuses, they were met with a slight bit of disappointment as they claim that the new anime adaptation is not as well-written as Death Note. However, amidst the mixed reviews, a number of viewers also seem to love the idea of the anime. There are so many great concepts that the anime is blending in that we fail to come back for another episode. As the story progresses, the curiosity rises: who will become the God in Platinum End?

Platinum End is based on the manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The manga was published by Shueisha and serialized by Jump Square from 2015 to 2020. An anime adaptation based on the manga was released in the fall of 2021 from October and is currently ongoing. At the time of writing, the anime has released 12 episodes, each revealing the ugliness of the world as we know, all the while bringing in the ideas of having hopes in our hearts. Platinum End’s main idea is the battle royale to become God. So who will win the tournament? Who will be the God in Platinum End?

**Spoiler Alert: The following article contains strict spoilers from the Platinum End manga. 

Who will become the God in Platinum End?

As the story progresses, we see several admirable God Candidates. First, we have the protagonist, Mirai, yearning to do the right. At the same time, we also see terrible God candidates like Kanade Uryu. What’s interesting is that we also come across characters like Dr. Yoneda. Although depicted as an antagonist for most of the time, there are times where Dr. Yoneda would often lay down facts that are not only hard to deny but also quite relatable to the world as we know it. To quite an extent, Yoneda reflects the mindset of Light Yagami from Ohba and Obata’s previous manga, Death Note. So who among these characters will become the God in Platinum End?

Mirai Kakehashi and Kanade Uryu.

The truth is none of these characters become God. The story takes some surprising turns as it concludes that Shuji Nakaumi will be the new God. Shuji Nakaumi is yet to be introduced in the anime. He is a middle schooler with supremely high suicidal tendencies. Angel Ogaro selects him as her God Candidate. Although initially, he has no interest in becoming the God, he volunteers to become so at the climax of the story.

Shuji Nakaumi was no ordinary suicidal child. He was deeply invested in support of suicide to the extent that he compelled others to do it too. On becoming a God candidate, he is blessed with a pair of wings and a red arrow. He uses his red arrow to make his parents and grandparents commit suicide. He also tries to do the same for his brother.

Shuji Nakaumi After Becoming God

Shuji Nakaumi is best described as a suicidal maniac, and he proves his description right after becoming God. As he sits in the heavens, Shuji, as a God, faces an existential crisis. He keeps wondering why God exists. Ogura, knowing of the suicidal tendencies in Shuji’s conscience, keeps him under check constantly. The mind within God still belonged to Shuji, who thought hard to find answers. He is told that the job of God is to do nothing. All He does is look over death.

After brief thinking, Shuji deduces that God is not a necessity. Based on his hypothesis, Shuji decides to commit suicide the moment he finds a chance. As God dies, humanity disintegrates into dust. Shuji believed that humanity could survive on its own but in a hysterically wrong assumption, he ended up ending humanity accidentally, proving once again why we do not let kids make big decisions.

Shuji Nakaumi is god
Shuji Nakaumi on the cover of Platinum End Volume 10.

Where to watch and read Platinum End?

Platinum End is currently streaming on Funimation. Alternatively, you can also read the manga at Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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