Why Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson Actor Is Ineligible for an Emmy

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson from Stranger Things season 4

Under new Emmy Award rules, Netflix can only submit one Stranger Things actor for consideration, which means fan-favorite Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) is out of the running.

Per Variety, while Stranger Things Season 4 competed in last 2022’s Emmy Awards with 13 nominations and five wins, the second half of the season premiered after the award show’s May 31 cutoff date. In previous years, Season 4 Vol. 2 would still be eligible despite being “hanging episodes,” or episodes that premiere after the cutoff. However, the TV Academy which organizes the awards recently eliminated the “hanging episode rule,” which means Vol. 2 is now pushed to the 2023 Emmy Awards with severe restrictions. Under the new rules, the only actor from Season 4 currently eligible is Dacre Montgomery for guest actor in a drama series.


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The critically acclaimed Season 4 of Stranger Things was split into two parts, with Volume 1 releasing in May 2022 while Volume 2 came out that July. The Emmy Awards require a season to be at least six episodes long to compete in the drama series category, and Vol. 1 was seven episodes while Vol. 2 was only two extended episodes. This means Vol. 2 can compete in the 2023 awards, but not for any categories which specify a drama series. In this case, only the guest actor Montgomery, who returned as Max’s abusive brother Billy for a dream sequence in Vol. 2, can compete. The show’s main or supporting actors are ineligible for this year’s Emmy Awards, which will release their official nominations in July.

Eddie Takes the Stranger Things Fandom By Storm

While much of the main cast will be in the running again when Season 5 eventually comes out, the news will disappoint fans of Eddie as the character only appeared for a single season. Quinn’s breakout character was introduced in Season 4 as a metal-loving outcast who ran a Dungeons & Dragons group called the “Hellfire Club” for main characters Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and formerly Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin). Eddie is soon blamed for a murder caused by the supernatural Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), and he sacrifices himself during Vol. 2 to save the town of Hawkins, Indiana despite their mistrust of him.

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The Stranger Things franchise isn’t completely done with Eddie Munson despite his death. A prequel novel called Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus by Caitlin Schneiderhan comes out in Oct. 2023 from Penguin Random House, and will follow the character’s troubled past before Season 4 takes place. According to the official synopsis, Eddie meets a mysterious record producer named Paige who offers to help Eddie hit it big with his band Corroded Coffin, although it will come at a huge cost.

Stranger Things is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Variety


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