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Will Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable!! have an Anime adaptation?

Hokkaido Gals Fuyuki Minami

Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kai Ikada. The series revolves around Tsubasa Shiki, a teenager who moves from Tokyo to the city of Kitami in Hokkaido prefecture. There he meets a girl, Minami Fuyuki, and he immediately feels drawn to her. The manga has about 7 Tankobon volumes as of 3 December 2021. It has been serialized for free on the Shonen Jump+ app and website since 4 September 2019. The chapters were then collected by Shueisha and published into seven volumes. The manga falls under the slice of life and shounen genre.

Tsubasa Shiki is a 16-year old boy who moved to Kitami city during winter. He gets off his taxi in order to see some of the sights in Hokkaido but then learns that the next town is a 3-hour walk away. But he also meets a very cute Dosanko (born and brought up in Hokkaido) Gyaru girl named  Fuyuki Minami. She had on her standard gyaru outfit of short skirts and bare legs even in the middle of winter. She has long blonde hair and bangs to spruce up her look. Fuyuki takes a liking to Tsubasa and takes him under her wing. Tsubasa soon learns that she is his classmate, and for him, she is unlike any other girl he has met before.

Hokkaido Gals Fuyuki Minami
Hokkaido Gals Fuyuki Minami

More about the plot

Tsubasa Shiki did not have that much luck with girls in Tokyo. So after moving to Kitami city in Hokkaido prefecture, he is baffled at how easily such a cute girl like Fuyuki became friends with him. She acts as a tour guide to him since she has always lived in this northern part of Japan. She’s so used to the cold weather there that she can even walk around in short skirts. However, she does always carry around heat packs which she even shares with Tsubasa later in the manga.

As the story progresses, they become closer, and a romance blossoms. Tsubasa was a bit intimidated by Fuyuki at first because of her loud image since she is a Gyaru. But she slowly learns that Gyaru gals are just as nice under all of their loud accessories, manicured nails, and crazy tans. Along the way, Tsubasa meets a few other girls, including the reclusive gamer girl Sayuri Akino and Rena Natsukawa, a timid beauty who is also a history buff. Now, this manga may be all about romance, but its genre is officially shounen, which kinda blurs the line between shoujo and shounen. Their main target demographic is teenage boys, as the main character is a teenage boy. The manga unfolds through his eyes.

Hokkaido GalsHokkaido Gals
Hokkaido Gals

Does Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable! have an anime adaptation?

No, unfortunately, there isn’t any anime adaptation yet for Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable!

Tsubasa enjoys his time in Hokkaido and gets acclimated to the chilly weather. He even falls in love with the somewhat exotic everyday culture there. This includes unique culture hotspots, natural features, and other landmarks. If anyone is looking to travel to Japan through the pages of a manga, this is a must-read for them. Through the manga panels, you get to see the different sights of Hokkaido that may not be that famous. There are also the different cultural aspects and the food, which is especially unique to the northern prefecture.

The manga can also be categorized under the Harem genre because Tsubasa starts to get comfortable at his new school a small harem of girls builds around him. All the gals like Fuyuki Minami, Rena Natsukawa, and Sayuri Akino end up becoming attracted to the new ‘Tokyo’ boy in town. Throughout the series, the three girls try to balance their mutual friendship with their growing attraction towards Tsubasa.

Where to read the manga?

You can read the manga from the official Mangaplus site. It is available on iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as online Web browsers. As of now, the manga has 68 chapters. The manga is black and white, with only the cover pages or first pages being in color, which is the norm for Japanese mangas. It’s an easy read for people who like the sitcoms and romance genre.

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