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Will Luffy Surpass His Limits In One Piece Chapter 1037?

One Piece Chapter 1037

One Piece Chapter 1037 reveals Kaidou vs. Luffy, which was out for a while, and Luffy is about to surpass his limit. One Piece reveals the showdown between Kaidou and Luffy since Luffy arrived at the rooftop and decided to handle Kaidou alone. He knows that others will be taking care of other things as he takes Kaiduo down. Sanji vs. Quee ended shortly after Sanji sent Queen out of Onigashima Castle. On the other side, we see Zoro vs. King still on at an intense speed. But Zoro vs. King will end soon since Zoro has a trump card.

In One Piece’s recent updates, Zoro learns about King and why the Government is looking for King. King’s true identity has brought questions to Kaidou’s underlings, who realize that King has a massive bounty on his head. But they couldn’t do anything since Zoro’s attack had trapped them. King believes that Zoro is daydreaming, thinking Straw Hat will become the Pirate King instead of Kaidou. He knows that only Kaidou can turn the world upside down. King told Zoro that he would kill him and Zoro noticed something about King.

He realizes that Zoro’s attacks are too heavy and are hurting him and decides to block them. Zoro reminds King not to block the attacks since he thought he was untouchable. King realizes that he has to act quickly it Zoro will catch him off guard. Zoro and King exchange massive strikes, but Zoro had an advantage since King was being pushed back and injured after each sword slash landed on his body. Zoro unleashes a new technique and wants to finish King using a final strike.

Previously on One Piece Chapter 1036

The chapter title is  “The Way of The Samurai is to Find a Place to Die.” The chapter begins when Zoro continues to fight with King. Zoro uses Three Sword Styles against King, who had a flashback when he met Kaidou. After the flashbacks, King appeared on the ground, brutalized and defeated. Zoro and Sanji have done their part by taking two of the Lead Performers. On the other side, we saw one of Numbers: Number 6 Rokki joining the battle, which was revealed to be one of the guardians of the ”Arsenal Door”, the one that appeared in the picture.

One Piece Chapter 1037

Rokki was after Yamato, and Yamato realized that Number Fuuga could deal with Rokki. She asks Fuuga to take Rokki down. Rokki and Fuuga fight, while Ussop confronts the enemies on his side and protects Kiku and Kinemon. During Ussop vs. Beast Pirates, Izou arrives and helps Ussop defeat the enemies, but they keep coming in numbers. Izou held the enemies back and let Ussop get safe with Kinemon and Kiku. Meanwhile, Raizou and Fukurokuju trapped each other with the signature move that immobilized them. They are both standing like statues, showing no sign of moving.

Cut to Numbers Zanki and X Drake vs. CP0; the CP0 take the two down. But Apoo and the Numbers Inbi withdraw. The CP0 knows that if the Pirates of the New Generation conquer the Yonkou, it will determine the world’s direction. Kaidou vs. Luffy is back to action, and they are going all-out. Kaidou smashes Luffy with a Kanabo, but Luffy eats that and lands a killer punch that causes them to get sent flying. They get up and laugh at each other, knowing that the brawl will be exciting.

One Piece Chapter 1037 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1037 will be released on 16 January 2022. The scans for chapter 1037 will be released on 14 January 2022. Luffy told Kaidou that they had an entertaining battle, and Kaidou admits that. Luffy is now on par with Kaidou as the battle continues. One Piece Chapter 1037 will return after two weeks due to a manga break. Let’s look at One Piece Chapter 1037 official details.

One Piece Chapter 1037
One Piece Chapter 1037

Read One Piece Chapter 1037 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read One-Piece-Chapter 1037 online on VIZ Media’s official website. This Manga is available across various streaming platforms, and you can access the latest chapters officially on Shonen Jump & Shueisha’s online magazine. One Piece Chapter 1037 spoilers will be out after a few weeks. Let’s meet when One-Piece Chapter 1037 spoilers are released.

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