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Will Osamu Strategy Work In B-Rank Wars In World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12?

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12

The last match of the season begins with World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12, with Tamakoma-2 fighting for 2nd place. Tamakoma-2 has analyzed the tactics of their opponents after Kuga had a sparring match with Obishima and Yuba. World Trigger Season 3 reveals the journey of Tamakoma-2 and other squads as they climb ranks to prepare for an Away Mission. In World-Trigger’s Season 3 latest episode, the commentator reveals that the B-Rank Warrs will occur in Cityscape B, while Osamu reminds his team that they are in the final round and show them how they will take their enemies down.

Osamu told Kuga and the others that they would be at Chika’s location when the battle began. He reveals that Hyuse will cover Chika, focusing on their goal. Osamu also talked about doing what they have been doing in practice. But he will use wire zones as bait, and Chika will do her sniping job firing real shots since her Meteor and Hound can expose hidden opponents. The rest of the team will attack while defending inside the wire zone. Kuga realizes that those tactics are like a power-up version of their last tactics in Round 5.

Osamu reminds the team that they have to know where the team’s Ace is, and they must locate Takuma Yuba, Tatsuhito Ikoma, Masataka Ninomiya since those three are their target. He believes that things will work if Chika and Hyuse’s combination doesn’t break or lose a single fight. But Ikoma’s long-range Whirlwind might give the trouble since it can cut through Hyuse’s shields. But Usami will lead them, and Chika will stay out of Whirlwind range. He also talked about Tsuji and Ninomiya’s bullets and that they must be careful.

Previously on World Trigger Season 3 Episode 11

Osamu also told his team what they would do if the enemy attacked behind the buildings. Kuga’s wire move or Chika’s Meteor will counter the enemies who might try to take them from a blind spot. If Plan A fails, they can switch to Plan B, including Kuga and Hyuse, earning points no matter how the damages they take. Hyuse will signal them when he wants to unleash his Viper. Osamu finished with his team and told them to win the Final Round.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12

Cut to Yuba Squad Strategy Room; Yuba looks at the map and realizes that he has a surprise attack plan. He walks around the room, thinking about how they will execute that plan. Obishima and Midori look at their captain, who tells them that he has learned about the worst situation. Yuba knows that Kuga can singlehandedly defeat Obishima and Midori with a single hit, and they have to avoid that since he will be left fighting on 4v1. He talks to them about Chika’s shots, and they might get blasted if they don’t stay safe. Yuba realizes that Chika’s shots are powerful than Ninomiya’s. But Obishima thinks that Chika is not a sharpshooter, and they can take advantage of that.

Yuba Squad Sniper: Kazuto Tonooka realizes that Chika couldn’t shoot people recently and wonders if she has improved. Yuba Squad Operator Nono Fujimaru told Kazuto that Chika blasted Okudera in the last match, and Tmakoma-2 might have given Chika confidence. Yuba told Kazuto that his target would be Chika. Obishima decided that he would get his revenge on Kuga. Later the Final Match begins, and the teams get ready to brawl. Ikoma made his move and talked about Yuba’s Squad. Yuba’s Squad wants to strike before Tamakoma-2 makes a move.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12 will be released on 26 December 2021. Ninomiya Squad and Tamakoma-2 are ready for 2v2. But Kuga is alone, and Ninomiya won’t hesitate to attack him. Osamu told Chika and Kuga to get near Hyuse and regroup. Ninomiya attacks the two, and Chika uses her shield to protect them. He realizes that Chika is unpredictable, and they won’t know what she might do next. Let’s look at World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12 official details.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12
World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12

Watch World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch World Trigger Season 3 Episode 12 online on Anime Digital Network & Crunchyroll on Sunday at 1:30 AM JST. You can also watch World Trigger-Season 3 Episode 12 online on Youtube Channel & VRV. Yuba vs. Hyuse begin, and Ikoma misses the target. Obishima interferes and uses his blade to strike Hyuse. He gets surrounded by three and realizes that he has to make them miss. Let’s meet when World Trigger-Season 3 Episode 12 is released.

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