Will There Be Sabikui Bisco Episode 13?

Sabikui Bisco
Will There Be Saibikui Bisco Episode 13? Cr: OtakuKart

Sabikui Bisco will not be having Episode 13. Season 1 of this anime will only be having 12 Episodes. But that does not mean there is no more to it. Sabikui Bisco is an anime adaptation of a light novel series by Shinji Cobkubo, Yusuke Takahashi, K Akagishi, and Mocha. And this light novel is still ongoing, which means there is still enough to get a season 2. Even though season 2 is not officially confirmed, but the hype for Sabikui Bisco among fans clearly demands a season 2. And we otaku believe OZ Studio will not disappoint us, which means we can expect the news of season 2 pretty soon.

This adventure, post-apocalyptic fiction, has a lot of potential to make the fans go crazy. But, no one likes to wait that long. The way Sabikui Bisco got hyped among fans, it is to be expected that the work for season 2 has already started.

For those who do not know what Sabikui Bisco is, here is the plot and what to expect in the next season.

Sabikui Bisco Plot

This story is about Japan which faced a huge apocalypse. The Apocalypse was so bad that now there exists a wind that spreads rust like the plague. And people somehow believe that this all happened because of the mushroom explosion. Bisco Akaboshi, also called the Man-eating Mushroom, is believed to be a terrorist. Bisco is an archer whose arrows grow mushrooms wherever they land. Now that people believe these mushrooms caused the Apocalypse, mushrooms became forbidden. But, a young doctor Milo Nekoyanagi believes that the secret to curing rusting lies in these mushrooms. So, Milo joins hands with Bisco to find the legendary mushroom that is believed to eat all the rust. They travel through the wastelands of Japan in search of that panacean mushroom- Sabikui.

Sabikui BiscoSabikui Bisco
Bisco Akaboshi And Milo Nekoyanagi

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What To Expect In Season 2

What do you think happens when you are the hero, but people see you as a criminal? Maybe we know how this ends. But doesn’t it feels good to be proven wrong sometimes? Right now, we might be expecting a story where no one knows the hero but later will realize the value of his contribution. But what if nobody will ever know what he did to save everyone from rusting? Even the government does not want to see his side of the story. Even though by the end of season 1, Bisco and Milo managed to find the Sabikui mushroom but will it be enough? There are a total of eight volumes of this light novel so far. And the end of season 1 is said to be the end of volume 4. This clearly means that they have enough material to get the story upside down.

Sabikui BiscoSabikui Bisco
Bisco Akaboshi

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End Thoughts On Sabikui Bisco

There is a saying, “People love a hero, but they love to see a hero fail even more”. What if even after Bisco saves everyone from rusting, he is still not acknowledged for what he has done? Every protagonist loses a close one. In this story, Bisco is trying to save his master from dying of rusting. What if he loses his master too? Not because of rusting but because of what he is trying to do? We might not want this to happen, but this is a necessary course of action that will change the wind. We all hope this is all just an assumption. But if it really happens, then we might even get to see huge character development. A character only grows when he or she loses someone close to them.

Milo And Bisco

What fate lies ahead for Bisco Akaboshi and Milo Nekoyanagi will only be known in the next season. Wait patiently for the next season as you can expect to get the good news anytime soon. But do not hold your breath for it. It might even take longer than what we expect. But fellow otaku, don’t lose hope.

If you have not watched Sabikui Bisco yet, then you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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