Wizards of the Coast Cancels Plans to Deauthorize DnD OGL 1.0

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Wizards of the Coast cancel plans to reauthorize OGL 1.0a after immense backlash from fans since attempting to change its rules for DnD creators.

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Wizards of the Coast (WotC) officially declare the original Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming License (OGL) will not be deauthorized.

The developer walked back plans to deauthorize the OGL 1.0a in favor of a new license which would give them greater control over third-party creators. Posting to Twitter, the company stated, “Over the past few weeks you, the community, have made your voices heard. And we’ve listened. OGL 1.0a will remain untouched AND the entire SRD 5.1 is now available under a Creative Commons license.” A blog post on D&D Beyond detailed the plans further.

Source: Twitter, D&D Beyond


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