November 30, 2021

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World Of Warcraft 2021 Update: Coming To Consoles?

WoW 2021 Updates

Recently, it was rumoured by the subreddit of Gaming Leaks And Rumour that World Of Warcraft is going to be launched on Consoles. As per the Reddit:-

“World of Warcraft: Complete Edition about to be listed on the coming soon section of Xbox store on December 9th? (Same day as Game Awards).”

For those who don’t know, apparently this game:- World of Warcraft’s “complete edition” was listed in the section of Xbox’s upcoming new games. Besides this, the scheduled release date is 9th December 2021, which is also the official date of “The Game Awards”. Again, for those who don’t know, in 2014, the gaming journalist Geoff Keighley produced this event- ” The Game Awards” to honor the deserving games with achievements and awards. So, there are high chances that the update regarding World of Warcraft’s console upgrade is going to be announced on that very day.

WoW 2021 Updates

Activision Blizzard Issue affecting the WoW Console Update:-

But, there was something horrible that happened recently. Activision Blizzard, the video game holding company of WoW Aka World of Warcraft has been alleged by the issue problems of Sexual Harassment against Women promoting “frat-boy culture”. Not only this, the CEO of the company Bobby Kotick has been in the headlines from last week, and as per the update till now, this is going to be the last course, Bobby, as the issue increases the probability of getting him resigned from the company.

Now, taking all these as a focal, it is kinda difficult for the gamers to get such an announcement. We know that getting an announcement regarding the World Of Warcraft console update is something Console users want. For now, all we can do is wait and see what is going to be happening regarding the issue or World Of Warcraft 2021 Update.

What World Of Warcraft is about?

World Of Warcraft is an MMOG- a “massively multiplayer” online game. This game is set in the fictional world known as Azeroth. Furthermore, This game gives users a platform where they can create their own Avatar as a player and interact with other users as well as NPC’s- nonplayer characters.

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