Worst Written Female Anime Characters Today

Shikimori looking menacingly down at the camera from Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie; Chizuru Mizuhara walking in a park and turning to look back at the camera from Rent-A-Girlfriend

Anime has come a long way since its inception. The characters, art styles, and stories have drastically changed over time. Yet, one unfortunate thing that continues to crop up, especially in recent anime, is poorly-written female characters.

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Though there has been a resurgence of great female characters in anime as of late, there are still a lot of terribly-written ones. Some are boring, but too many have unsettling characteristics or are only used to serve a male protagonist’s story. Whatever the case may be, these modern anime females deserve to have better stories than the ones they were given.



10 Shikimori (Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie)

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Shikimori is the protective girlfriend in Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie. She is dedicated to rescuing her boyfriend Yu Izumi from his own clumsiness and finds him all the more adorable for his frequent faux pas.

However, beyond this, Shikimori does not have much growth. She is the same protective girlfriend as she always was by the end of the show. Though Izumi’s parents are now among the many Shikimori fans, nothing else has really changed for the titular character.

9 Tsukasa Tsukuyomi (Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You)

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Tsukasa Tsukuyomi is a mysterious yet adorable character in Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You. When a young man named Nasa Yuzaki gets hit by a truck she saves him and accepts his marriage proposal as he lies in the snow. The two later get married. Despite the suddenness of their relationship, neither Tsukasa nor Nasa questions their decision.

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However, fans can tell that there is more to Tsukasa than meets the eye. Unfortunately, there are not many clues (other than the moon rock) as to why that would be. Besides the occasional reference to her home, Tsukasa seems like a fairly typical gamer girl who is leeching off of Nasa’s time and money. Though Tonikawa is supposed to be a romance, it becomes more of a con story with too many unanswered questions and mysterious traits from Tsukasa.

8 Hinata Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers)

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Hinata Tachibana is the most unfortunate character in Tokyo Revengers. The entire plot focuses on her ex-boyfriend, Takamichi Hanagaki, traveling back in time to hopefully prevent her death in 2017. Yet, Takamichi constantly fails.

With each return, Hinata is killed in numerous ways, making her death weigh all the heavier on Takamichi’s heart and mind. Although Hinata seems like a lovely girl, there is not much about her character – other than her deaths – that stands out. Her one defining characteristic seems to be her affection for Takemichi.

7 Michiru Kagemori (BNA: Brand New Animal)Michiru kagemori waving in BNA: Brand new animal

BNA: Brand New Animal follows Michiru Kagemori, a regular girl who is turned into a Beastman. Cursed with her new powers and appearance, she travels to Anima City hoping to find a place to fit in. Michiru’s story is very typical of anime protagonists. She runs away to find a place where she belongs, while also searching for her missing friend.

Yet strange happenings go awry and things are not as they seem. While Michiru does grow in her abilities, she does not have a lot of character development by the end of the show. Other than coming into her powers, Michiru is the same character as she was when she first fled to Anima City.

6 Haru (Beastars)

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Despite the rumors that go around Cherryton about her, Haru does not let any of it get to her, and owns her choices. Haru’s real problem comes when Legoshi enters the picture in Beastars.

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Regardless of her casual attitude toward relationships, Haru seems to put all of her core tenants aside as soon as Legoshi shows interest. She even decides to be with him despite knowing that he tried to kill her the first time they met. Haru is one of the worst-written female characters because she throws all caution to the wind the moment she realizes Legoshi has feelings for her.

5 Narumi Momose (Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku)

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Narumi Momose begins Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku by lamenting her love life. Every time her boyfriends discover that she is a secret Otaku, they bail on her. Yet, when she meets her old friend, Hirotaka Nifuji again, the two nerdy friends decide to date each other – fully aware of the other’s love of anime, manga, and gaming.

Sadly, her knowledge of Hirotaka’s hobbies seems to make Narumi believe that she can treat him poorly. She regularly makes fun of him, despite liking many of the same things he does, and she often tells him that he is not as attractive as some of her other boyfriends. Though they remain together, Narumi’s negative talk hurts Hirotaka’s feelings. For a protagonist who is supposed to champion Otaku interests, Narumi speaks negatively of them quite a lot.

4 Chizuru Mizuhara (Rent-A-Girlfriend)

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Chizuru Mizuhara finds herself in an awkward situation when Kazuya Kinoshita hires her to pretend to be his girlfriend. Yet, when the pair visits his ailing grandmother together, they reluctantly agree to keep up the facade to appease her.

However, this means that Chizuru has to continue to deal with Kazuya’s awfulness. To make matters worse, the creators even have Chizuru start to fall for him. Kazuya’s unconscionable behavior is championed by Chizuru’s affection toward him. This aspect of Rent-A-Girlfriend sends the wrong message to fans about how mutual, respectful relationships should work.

3 Yuuki Asuna (Sword Art Online)Yuuki Asuna standing in the forest in casual clothes from Sword Art Online

Yuuki Asuna begins her Sword Art Online presence as a beggar who quickly rises through the hierarchy to become one of the best swordsmen in the game. She essentially matches protagonist Kirito’s skills and is typically seen helping him defeat each level.

Unfortunately, when the show switches to feature the game ALfheim Online, Asuna loses all of her defining abilities. She is trapped in a cage for most of the season, and later episodes do not utilize her as much as they should. Asuna’s entire second-season plot revolves around Kirito being a hero, which apparently means that Asuna cannot be a hero as well.

2 Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force)

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Tamaki Kotatsu is one of the newest Fire Soldiers in Fire Force. Despite her powerful Third-Generation pyrokinetic powers that give her flaming ears and two flaming tails, Tamaki is unfortunately reduced to being explicit fanservice for the show.

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Rather than masking the fanservice with action, Tamaki is given an unfortunate trait called “The Lucky Lecher Lure” that makes her clothes fall off and puts her in suggestive positions whenever she is around men. This curse is not only unsettling but tiresome. To have Tamaki’s sexualization be so blatant is lazy writing.

1 Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

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Mikasa Ackerman is an incredible soldier whose precision is unmatched in Attack on Titan. Unfortunately, besides battle scenes, Mkasa’s entire character is based solely on her devotion to Eren Yeager. Not only is this problematic due to their familial relationship, but also because Mikasa lets her love cloud her judgment.

Even when Eren is committing the most heinous acts, Mikasa cannot bring herself to accept his villainy and let him go. The story tries to play it off as she is bound by her blood to Eren, but it all seems like a poor story choice given what an outstanding fighter she is.

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