Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 4 Release Date: Eiko’s New Plan

Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 4 Release Date
Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 4 Release Date

Ya Boy Kongming! an episode release date has been scheduled and it’s coming to you with the continued story of Kongming. Till now, we have seen how the ancient strategist Zhuge Liang Kongming got transferred to the modern world. After he dies during the Battle of Wuzhang Plains the Chinese strategist is sent to Japan. Out of nowhere it starts speaking Japanese but is smart enough to understand what happened to him. There he met a girl named Eiko who works as a bartender, loves to sing, and aspires to be a singer. Eiko takes Kongming to her home and now they are both at the same club as co-workers. Kongming has heard Eiko sing and literally loved her singing voice. In the previous episode, we got to see how Eiko was able to meet Mia who is a singer whom she admires.

In the first look, Mia tried to plot something and offered Eiko to perform alongside her at the WAAARP event. Eiko innocently agreed to it but Kongming realized what Mia is up to. On the day of the event, everyone has predicted that Eiko’s floor is going to stay empty as all the audience will go to Mia. However, thanks to Kongming’s smartness he was able to formulate the plan in a way that all the audience got trapped inside the floor of Eiko. In that single night, Eiko received a lot of followers. So, this is what happened in the series so far, let’s see Paripi Komei Episode 4 release date.

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Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 3 Recap

Paripi Komei Episode 3 was released on 19th April 2022 and was titled “Kongming Learn of the Right Path to Take”. The episode began with Eiko feeling really happy for having a lot of followers in a single night. Kongming on the other hand has already sent her video from the night to a local music festival. She got selected thanks to the editing video Kongming made with the help of an editor whom he hired. However, Eiko is unconfident as ever still doubting on herself for being good or not. Eiko’s performance was scheduled on the day of the same of the main event. She is going to perform at the same time as the famous indie band Jet Jacket. Once again Eiko is in the same situation and in order to get her audience, Kongming with be again playing tricks.

As the time for performing reached near, Jet Jacket’s main singer paid a visit to Eiko in order to take a look over what they are doing. However, the just then-owner reported that their equipment is not working. Eiko was sad but Kongming knew what he was doing. So once again Kongming his strategy that he called ‘create something from nothing. According to this, he has created something that doesn’t exist in simpler words, he faked the failure of equipment. He knew that Eiko will get this position and being far from the crowd will result in less audience for her. The series has been taking us through smarter and smarter strategies Kongming is using. With Ya Boy Kongming episode 4 release date you will excite to know what will happen next.

Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 3 RecapYa Boy Kongming! Episode 3 Recap
Kongming and Eiko seeing into the number of followers

Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 4 Release Date

Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 4 release date has already been scheduled for its weekly release. The upcoming episode will take you further into the different types of strategies Kongming can make. By the end of the previous episode, we saw how Kongming got an insight into the fact that Jet Jacket’s lead singer has a sore throat. This resulted in them not performing their most liked song “Mid Day” which is very tough on the throat. So, when it is finally dark in the evening, Eiko’s stage turned all flashy as she screamed her throat out and gained the attention of the crowd towards her.

Paripi Komei Episode 4 release date is scheduled for 26th April 2022 and is titled “Kongming to Light the Way”. In this episode too, we are undoubtedly going to have a great performance by Eiko while Kongming will work as her personal strategist.

Paripi Komei Episode 4 release date Paripi Komei Episode 4 release date
Kongming explained his strategies to the owner

Watch Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 4 Online – Streaming Details

The anime series Paripi Komei gives out a new episode on a weekly basis that is on every Tuesday. Ya Boy Kongming Episode 4 will be available to stream at 11:00 PM (JST). It is available to stream on HIDIVE, as of now Crunchyroll and Funimation and not providing service to stream it.

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