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You Are My Spring Episode 15: Release Date, Time, Spoilers And Preview

you are my spring episode 15

You Are My Spring Episode 15 is going to be released pretty soon. You Are My Spring is an ongoing South Korean TV series. Furthermore, it has a lot of great factors in it. The plot of this drama is thrilling yet funny and deep, and the cast of the drama is extremely talented. The plot of the series is based on two people named Kang Da Jung and Joo Young Do. Kang Da Jung was working at a hotel where a murder takes place. The series follows the case of murder as well as the growth of the characters.

As already mentioned, the cast of the drama is very amazing. The drama has a very talented and skilled cast. The cast of the drama consists of Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong  Wook, Yoon Park, and Nam Gyu Ri. The actors and actresses have done an amazing job in portraying the feelings of their characters. In this article, we will be filling you in with all bout the release date of You Are My Spring Episode 15 and a small recap of the last episodes.

You Are My Spring Episode 15 Release Date

You Are My Spring Episode 15 will release on 23rd August 2021. The drama is available on Netflix for worldwide viewers. Furthermore, the drama releases new episodes every week on Mondays and Tuesdays at  21:00 KST. Fans worldwide await every week for the release of the drama’s new episodes. Each episode of the drama makes sure to tickle the tickle bone of each and everyone in the audience. Along with having a lot of funny moments, the episodes of the drama contain meaningful messages here and there.

you are my spring episode 15

A still of Kang Da Jung and Joo Young Do cr: Netflix

Also, the audience gets to see the blooming bond between Kang Da Jung and Joo Young Do. As both of them have had tough lives, they seem to have found solace in each other. Due to the positive factors of the drama, the dama has been gaining recognition since the series first episode’s release on 5th July. And now the series is coming to an end mot even less than a week on 24th August. It will be hard for the audience when this drama ends as it has brightened up the days of many, and many people have learned a lot of lessons from this drama.

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Plot Recap Of The Previous Episodes?

The finale of You Are My Spring has finally arrived. Many people in the audience expect that things will now cool down as these are the final episodes of the series. Meaning they do not expect many surprises from the episodes. All had seemed to settle in for the main characters during the last episodes. The audience had swooned over their amazing bond and were surprised that they had met when they were children. The last episodes were full of cute and emotional interactions between Kang Da Jung and Joo Young Do. Through the 14th episode, they were doing things a couple would do, which had led to Joo Young Do talking about his traumatizing life. About the death of his older brother and how his mother had accused him as if he was responsible for his brother’s death.

you are my spring episode 15you are my spring episode 15

Kang Do Young and Joo Young Do cr: Netflix

But Joo Young Do still decided to forgive his mother and went to her memorial with Kang Da Jung. After she saw his mood darken a bit, Kang Da Jung gave Joo Young Do a lollipop. Then both of them remembered a moment from the past when a child Joo Young Do had given a lollipop to Kang Da Jung, and she had placed the lollipop near their stone and dandelion tribute. Here he did the same, and both of them realized that they were each other’s first love. And they made the audience’s heartbeat skip by confessing their love for each other. Besides, the plot of the drama has boggled many people’s minds, and the audience wants the mystery to be finally solved in the finale episodes of the drama.

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