You Are Not My Mother Ending Explained: What Happened To Charlotte?

You Are Not My Mother Ending Explained
You Are Not My Mother Ending Explained

Let’s unpack Kate Dolan’s psychological horror film You Are Not My Mother ending explained. Firstly, this 2021 Irish film will bring you to the edge of your seat. But it’s the ending that’s a little confusing if you’re not familiar with the Irish lore of fairies and spirits. Consequently, after watching it, I am bringing you what I consider to be my take on this film to get a sense of it.

The technical aspects of this film are good. The cinematography was in charge of Narayan Van Maele, who, alongside Dolan, worked two bring us the 93-minute run time of a tale of horror that can shock a few. Now, without further ado, let’s explore the mind’s inner workings in You are Not my Mother.

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You Are Not My Mother Plot With Spoilers

Charlotte has had a problematic adolescent life, exacerbated by her mother Angela’s physical and mental health. Angela nearly crashes a horse on her way to drop Char off at school one day, but Char takes the wheel and saves the horse’s life. She then exits the vehicle and walks to school. She discovers their car abandoned in the same area with the driver’s door wide open when returning from her all-girls school after being bullied by her peers. Police are unable to locate Angela and advise her to wait.

You Are Not My Mother Ending ExplainedYou Are Not My Mother Ending Explained
This ending is a bit confusing, so let’s unpack that a little bit

Angela’s grandma, Rita, Angela’s mother, and her uncle Aaron are all in tears. This is, though, until Angela returns home one night. She has changed, and the shift is sinister, according to Charlottes’s grandmother. While Angela expresses her rekindled love and affection for Char, they have an unnerving familiarity. According to Char’s grandmother’s appearances and words, there are ancient forces at work, and they are not come to make friends.

One Mistake After The Other

When Rita tells Charlotte about her mother, she mentions how difficult Angela was when Charlotte was born. While this is all we know about Angela’s childhood, it does create the idea that she had a difficult time caring for Charlotte when she was a baby, which took a toll on her mental health. And the adjective “young” refers to her adolescent years when she was roughly the same age as Charlotte is now.


Charlotte has her own set of problems, including sexually charged bullying by her classmates. She has also had to endure her mother’s strange conduct for an eternity. This may result from one of two things: she was subjected to her mother’s outpouring of contained wrath due to everything she went through as a young woman with her baby. Or she was subjected to her mother’s outpouring of suppressed rage due to what (Charlotte). Or she was duped by the same fairies. Who had earlier taken Charlotte by the river in return for a changeling? In any case, both mother and daughter had a difficult childhood.


When Charlotte visits what appears to be a museum, we learn about how rivers, lakes, and caverns are thought to be the locations that connect our world to the other world, and from there, fairies can enter our world or even take humans to their realm. Interestingly, Charlotte was recovered beside a river as a newborn after being abandoned by her mother, Angela, who seemingly had no idea where she had been.

Charlotte’s grandmother also relates how, after she was returned. They recognized she was a changeling, i.e., a child switched by fairies for a human child during infancy. Charlotte’s grandmother had to drag her to fire to send back her changeling self, which is maybe the only way to get rid of a changeling.

You Are Not My Mother Ending ExplainedYou Are Not My Mother Ending Explained
Angela’s mind is a maze

Angela’s Mind

While Charlotte was returned to her human form by her grandmother, it appears that the fairies retained their control of Angela’s psyche. Since the incident at the river. She has most likely been in and out of her lost mental condition.

And all of this is the fairies’ handiwork to get their hands on Charlotte. According to Irish tradition, Fairies would kidnap a human baby and either give it to the devil or use it to increase their count. We’re not sure why the fairies are still following her now that she’s nearly an adult. However, there is no rationality to such supernatural workings.

You Are Not My Mother Trailer

You Are Not My Mother Ending Explained

This is the You Are Not My Mother ending explained: Charlotte eventually brings her mother (who has almost converted into a fairy) to fire to restore her human form. This ceremony brings her actual mother to her the following day. However, the question of Charlotte’s safety remains unanswered. We witness her offer her mother the same ball of herb that her grandmother used to ward off evil spirits. While this is designed to keep Angela safe, doesn’t it leave Char open to another ghostly encounter “by the river?”

Uncomfortably and irritatingly, “You Are Not My Mother” leaves things neglected. “It will keep you safe,” Charlotte says to her mother. This appears to be a clear warning, especially as the film ends suddenly with the word “safe.” It makes us wonder about Charlotte and whether the purge completely healed her. Perhaps this is the film’s method of demonstrating that even when the supernatural components are removed, horror still exists in the shape of the mind’s workings.

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