Young Guns 3? Lou Diamond Phillips Shares a Hopeful Update

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Young Guns 3 is still in active development, according to franchise star Lou Diamond Phillips.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly promoting his surprise appearance on Fox’s The Masked Singer, Phillips gave a grounded but hopeful update on the progress of the Western action picture’s third installment. “It’s in limbo right now,” Phillips said. “It was chugging along there for a minute, but then I think they got into a rights situation… It’s not dead, but it’s not happening right now.”


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Phillips played Mexican-American outlaw Jose Chavez y Chavez who rode with the “Regulators” alongside the likes of Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez) and “Doc” Scurlock (Kiefer Sutherland). Appearing in 1988’s Young Guns and 1990’s Young Guns II, Phillips and his co-stars were in the prime of their careers. Now with Estevez having written a screenplay for Young Guns 3, Phillips sees an opportunity to recapture the old magic as Top Gun: Maverick did last summer. “I would crawl through broken glass to go work with those guys again,” Phillips continued. “It’s a sequel that allows for the right amount of time to have gone by, which puts it in a very interesting place in history.”

What Is the Young Guns Franchise?

Directed by Christopher Cain and written by John Fusco, 1988’s Young Guns sees Billy the Kid getting recruited to the Regulators by English cattleman John Tunstall (Terrence Stamp). When Tunstall gets murdered by a competitive rancher (Jack Palance), the Regulators get deputized and seek justice against the backdrop of the Lincoln County War. Produced on a budget of $11 million, Young Guns hauled $56 million worldwide despite mixed reviews.

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The 1990 sequel, Young Guns II, continued the story of the surviving Regulators being pursued by Pat Garrett (William Petersen) in the years after the Lincoln County War. The sequel took liberties with the demise of the real-life people that Phillips, Estevez and the rest of the cast portrayed; however, Phillips insists that Chavez’s off-screen death in Young Guns II was not as final as it appeared. “Some people go, ‘But the spirit horse came for you.’ And I say yes, but there was nobody on the back of the spirit horse, was there?” Phillips explained. “The advantage of that is myself and a couple of other people died off-screen. The ones who got shot to bits, they’re not coming back. But there were a few of us whose death was a little ambiguous and you can kind of get around it. And so yes, Chavez would be back.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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