October 26, 2021

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Your Throne Chapter 84 (Article ready)

Your throne

If there is one thing that I’ve always fallen for, it’s a good psychological drama. Psychological stories have the heaviness that it requires to keep a reader on their toes and continue to swipe for the next chapters without looking at the time. The intensity in a good psychological story is to die for. If you have read Your Throne, you already know the kind of mystery and cynical stories that bring us happiness. The manhwa has had an amazing development. Every chapter opens a new door of surprising plot twists. Your Throne chapter 84 came out a while back, and yes, there are more shocking twists waiting for the readers. But are we complaining? Of course not! After all, we live for these massive twists that make us frown in surprise. The new chapter of Your Throne has been yet another great addition to the manhwa.

Your Throne is a Korean comic that was launched in the year 2020. The manhwa features a story about cunning politics. Your Throne is written and illustrated by Sam. Originally, it was published by Anibooks and Naver and serialized in the Naver Webtoon magazine. The manhwa’s English translation gained more fans. Your Throne is currently ongoing with 2 volumes and 84 chapters. The manhwa has great art with an indulging story. 

If you have been keeping up with the manhwa, you already know how well the author has balanced their characters. Your Throne chapter 84 was released recently. Here is everything about the plot’s newest and yet another juicy development.

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Your Throne Chapter 84 Spoilers

Chapter 84 of Your Throne was published on 2 August 2021. The chapter resumes the trial of Countess Gott Athe. Medea thinks that she can handle it but seems like Crown Prince Eros has plans of his own. As the Countess is about to be guillotined, she demands to let her speak with fear. She tells them that she has something to say. Eros tells everyone to hold the execution and let her speak. Medea notices that although it makes no sense for him to hear her out, he still allows her to speak. 

The story follows a flashback of Countess Gott Athe before the trial in the Palace Dungeon. In the flashback, Eros stands in front of the Countess with a cut-out tongue. He threatens her, saying that he could have cut off her tongue but instead cut off her husband’s. With his threats, he tells her to do as he says. Scared of getting killed and under the pressure of the Imperial Family’s power, she agrees to his terms. Thoughts start building up in her head, as she wonders if this is Karma. The Countess makes a deal: if she does as he tells her to, Eros must let her live and save her from being guillotined. This was the point when she deceives Medea and sides with the crowned Prince.

Back in the present, the Countess tells everyone that she was ordered by someone else to commit her crimes. On being asked the name, she reveals that it was Psyche’s father, Count Callista. She tells everyone that the Count had a discreet daughter, referring to Psyche. When he needed to introduce her to the Imperial Family, he needed money and thus ordered them to sell people.

Eros’s Masterplan

As the people around them murmur, Eros acts shocked. Medea questions the Countess if she has any proof for her claims. Eros takes the chance and asks her the same, but the Countess replies that she has no evidence for her statement. But she adds on, saying that she does not have anything to lie about since she is about to die anyway. Depending on the deal, the Countess is hopeful that now she will be able to survive. But, to everyone’s surprise, Eros beheads her with his sword, scoffing how people who are about to die spout nonsense. He adds on, remarking how dare she insult Psyche’s father. 

It is only Medea who realizes that Eros had removed important evidence by eliminating the Countess. Now, the Callista’s are in danger. In the last panels, we see Pell walking out of the palace, and then he sees Psyche. The chapter ends with Pell wondering if Psyche is an angel.

Your throne

Psyche Callista: Your Throne by Sam.

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Your Throne Chapter 85 Release Date

The chapters of the manhwa come out weekly. Your Throne Chapter 85 will be released on 9 August 2021. You can read the manhwa on Webtoon LINE or Naver

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