Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Needs Sealed Drafting

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Yu-Gi-Oh! is an incredibly diverse game, with thousands of ways to build decks and duel. Most competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! decks typically focus on one archetype and mostly use cards specific to that play style. This rigid structure means that Yu-Gi-Oh! can be difficult to play in limited drafting games; other TCGs like MTG and Cardfight Vanguard tend to be more accessible for drafting, as they have specific card sets and rules dedicated to sealed play.

Yu-Gi-Oh! experimented with casual sealed play in the past with Battle Pack sets, but the game hasn’t revisited competitive draft formats since, aside from a few sneak preview events. Additionally, because deck building is more complex in Yu-Gi-Oh!, draft play is difficult to regulate in a physical setting. However, Master Duel is the ideal way to make drafting easier and provide a fun, interactive way for new and seasoned players alike to enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh!.


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Could Host a Draft Play Event

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In TCG draft formats, players take turns pulling cards from a selected number of sealed packs. Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s expanded format and reliance on archetype-based deck building makes draft play slightly more difficult. However, Yu-Gi-Oh! also plays host to a number of generic staple cards that synergize with multiple strategies. Therefore, draft play is possible, but it must be regulated for a specific format. Master Duel is the perfect platform for regulated draft games, as the platform frequently hosts events with unique banlists.

While Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel allows players to purchase Master and Secret Packs using in-game currency, the game also allows players on the ranked ladder to win Legacy Tickets that are redeemable for free Legacy Packs. However, each Legacy Pack only yields 2 cards that cannot be dismantled to craft new cards. If Master Duel were to incorporate a draft format event, utilizing Legacy Packs (or a custom pack designed specifically for the event) would help regulate the card pool and prevent players from abusing the draft to acquire an unlimited number of cards.

This also means that players who wish to reset their collection for the event would have to relinquish all previous cards pulled from their initial draft and start from scratch, but they would still be allowed to keep any cards pulled upon the event’s conclusion. Additionally, restricting players to only cards pulled during their initial draft promotes fair play between duelists of all skill levels.

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Draft Play In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Would Benefit New Players

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It’s no secret that Yu-Gi-Oh! is a tough game to learn, and this is why it needs a format like a sealed draft mode. Drafting levels the playing field and simplifies Yu-Gi-Oh! down to its core mechanics, making the game significantly more accessible to new players. This allows new players to experience competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! in a balanced setting, and also encourages creative deck building among veteran players. With a selection of over 11,000 unique cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has plenty of options for a regulated draft format.

Yu-Gi-Oh! usually only permits sealed play at sneak preview events for core set releases. Official Yu-Gi-Oh! draft formats began in 2012 with the release of Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, giving players a new way to enjoy the game, but the set and the sets that followed did little to promote widespread sealed play. However, sealed play grew in popularity with the release of popular YouTube series like Sealed Only Yu-Gi-Oh! and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Progression Series. Interest rose again upon Master Duel‘s launch with the recent series Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Saga and Master Roulette. Draft play incentivizes players to use cards that typically don’t see much competitive play, which in turn provides players with a unique dueling experience akin to the early years of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Draft mode would make an excellent addition to Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. Drafting helps new players to understand the basic mechanics and nuances of the game, while also promoting skilled and engaging interactions between players. Seasoned players even agree that drafting is a great way to introduce fans of other TCGs to Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s rules, promoting cards that seldom see competitive play and encouraging creative deck building. If Master Duel ever includes a draft mode in the future, there’s no doubt nostalgic fans would enjoy sealed play for a healthy and unique Yu-Gi-Oh! experience.


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