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Yuka Nagate’s Gift Plus Minus Manga Ends in 26th Volume

Manga’s serialization has “a few” chapters left

Gift Plus Minus manga creator Yuka Nagate announced on Twitter on Friday that the manga will end in its 26th volume. The 25th volume shipped on Friday. Nagate also stated on Twitter on May 20 that the manga only has “a few” chapters left in its serialization.

Nagate had stated in January 2021 that she aimed to complete the series by the end of that year.

The manga inspired an anime adaptation that debuted in Production I.G‘s Anime Beans app in September 2018.

The manga centers on Tamaki Suzuhara, a high school student who is skilled at hunting people. She tracks down criminals who have been judged as having no chance at redemption and gathers organs for the needs of patients.

Yuka launched the manga in Nihonbungeisha‘s Weekly Manga Goraku magazine in March 2015. The series’ compiled book volumes have more than 3.1 million print and digital copies in circulation.

Nagate previously worked with manga writer Buronson on the Fist of the North Star – Toki Side Story: Silvery Savior manga, which ran in Shinchosha‘s Comic Bunch from 2007 to 2008. Nagate also worked with Buronson again on the Silencer manga, with Buronson using his Sho Fumimura pseudonym. The manga launched in Shogakukan‘s Big Comic Superior magazine in 2012 and ended in 2014.

Source: Yuka Nagate‘s Twitter account (link 2)

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