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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild introduces the ancient tribe of the Zonai. The Zonai are thought to be a prehistoric group that no longer exists within the game, but their ruins are still standing. However, Tears of the Kingdom dispels this notion and shows the Zonai as a group of descendants of the gods and goddesses in the game.

RELATED: 10 Games Like The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The KingdomWhile the group is mysterious and doesn’t reveal much about themselves in the game, there is much to know about the Zonai. Like the other tribes in The Legend of Zelda franchise, the Zonai have a lot of lore surrounding them.



10 Zonai Personality And Appearance

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The Zonai people have many characteristics that set them apart from other tribes in The Legend of Zelda franchise. Unlike many of the villages that Link visits, the Zonai people were not peaceful. They are known for being warriors that were brutal in their tactics and unafraid to protect their homes and use their divine magic.

The Zonai wore barbarian armor and tended to resemble animals. Their most defining characteristic is their long ears which make them look elvish.

9 Zonai Ruins

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Tears of the Kingdom expands on the lore in Breath of the Wild, explaining more about the Zonai ruins that appear in BotW. In Breath of the Wild, abandoned mazes appear, but they don’t seem to have a purpose. Tears of the Kingdom gameplay shows Link and Zelda in caves that are also connected to the Zonai.

Both settings seem to have housed the Zonai at one point but have left the ruins to live elsewhere or disappeared. Even though the Zonai no longer occupy the ruins, they are not desolate. They contain various kinds of food and many mystical creatures.

8 Where The Zonai Come From

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While there isn’t a lot known about the Zonai, their origins have been revealed. Upon their reveal in Tears of the Kingdom, the Zonai note that they are descendants of the gods and come from the sky.

RELATED: 10 Breath Of The Wild Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time In Tears Of The KingdomThey lived on islands that floated in the sky before they came down and built their ruins. The reason the Zonai decided to leave their home in the sky isn’t explained, leaving players with questions about their motivations and whether they can be trusted. Even though their ruins are seen as primitive, the Zonai are advanced, adding more mystery to their origins.

7 Zonai History

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There are many theories about the Zonai people in The Legend of Zelda, and with so little being known about the tribe, it is hard to confirm or discredit specific theories. However, there are a few key facts known about the Zonai that explain their past.

King Rauru and Queen Sonai were the royal family that the Zonai would have known as their rulers. Their history can be established by the ruins that dot Faron and the Damel Forest. Beyond the ruins, there is little else to tell the story of the Zonai.

6 Who The Zonai Worship

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Like many other tribes in the Zelda franchise, the Zonai have a worship structure similar to ancient regions of the real world. In Tears of the Kingdom, it is revealed that the Triforce is the main power the Zonai worship. This consists of an owl, a dragon, and a bear. Each animal represents a character trait that the Zonai try to possess.

The owl stands for wisdom, the dragon represents courage, and the bear for strength. These animals appear in the Zonai ruins on pillars as a sign of respect and worship for the animals.

5 The Zonai’s First Appearance

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Other civilizations are mentioned throughout The Legend of Zelda games, books, and manuals. But the Zonai are first mentioned in Breath of the Wild through their ruins. Tears of the Kingdom promises to explain more about the mysterious group, which may be why the game is named Tears of the Kingdom.

RELATED: 9 Legend Of Zelda Games We Wish Weren’t CanceledThe first appearance of the tribe suggests that something disastrous has happened, for the Zonai to disappear and leave behind their places of worship. Tears of the Kingdom may explain their disappearance as some trailers teased an emotional story weaving through the adventure. With the game now out, answers will be revealed.

4 Zonai Barbarian Armor

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The Barbarian Armor has become a favorite among Breath of the Wild fans, where it made its debut. The armor reflects the Zonai tribe’s nature of being great warriors and wanting to look more animal than human. The set provides a strength boost to link and charge attacks faster, making it a great armor to wear when fighting bosses.

While the armor is connected to the Zonai, there is no explanation for why it has the powers it does. It can be assumed that the Zonai’s warrior powers are what powers the suit.

Nintendo teased new elements in Tears of the Kingdom in trailers, and now that the game is out, players will be able to receive answers to mysteries. One of the last teasers before release shows Link with a shield with a dragon similar to the dragons seen in Zonai ruins. Link also obtains something referred to as a Zonai charge.

While it’s not sure what the charge does, there are theories that the Zonai items will give Link new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom. If the shield or charge gives Link new powers, it could reveal how the Zonai got their skills or how they defeated enemies.

2 The Meaning Of Zonai

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Link opening doors with Zonai dragons on them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Breath of the Wild Creating A Champion book offered insight into how the Zonai got their name. While the word Zonai doesn’t translate into anything directly, it is a version of the Japanese word nazo. When translated to English, nazo means mystery or puzzle. This directly connects to the Zonai and how little is known about them.

Their name, meaning mystery, makes it easy to see why the Zonai is so secretive. The term may also hint at players having to put the information they get from each game, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, together to reveal the truth about this tribe.

1 Zonai Technology

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When the Zonai were introduced, it was assumed that they were a primitive people with few technological advancements. However, Tears of the Kingdom has dispelled this notion and show the technology developed by the Zonai that has been left in their wake. Many of their inventions are presented as enemies in Tears of the Kingdom.

Some are said to drop items that will help Link become stronger, which would connect with the Barbarian Armor from the same tribe. The technology and enemies are green, which seems to be the Zonai’s signature color as it appears in their symbols and when their magic is being used.

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