Zoro’s Most Controversial Choices In One Piece

Zoro's Most Controversial Choices In One Piece

Roronoa Zoro becomes the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates to join Luffy and plays an integral along the crew’s journey as one of the strongest fighters in One Piece. Although Zoro is not the captain of the crew, he never shies away from voicing his opinion and always looks forward to challenges.

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Furthermore, Zoro arguably has the most intense personality, as he rigorously trains to become the best swordsman and sticks to his word. However, sometimes Zoro’s intense personality can get the best of him since he takes many risks and runs straight toward danger, thereby angering others around him including his crewmates.

10 Zoro Refuses To Give Up The Shusui Sword For A Long Time

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Zoro acquires the Shusui sword at Thriller Bark, but he does not understand its significance, thinking it is simply a powerful sword. However, Zoro discovers that Shusui has a deep history behind it, and therefore it holds great significance.

Zoro meets a samurai by the name of Kin’emon, who explains to Zoro that the Shusui belongs to the land of Wano and demands Zoro relinquish it. Zoro eventually arrives at Wano but continues to not hand it over until Hiyori, Momonosuke’s sister, proposes that Zoro uses the sword Enma instead.

9 Zoro Endures Luffy’s Pain From Kuma At Thriller Bark

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Bartholomew Kuma threatens to take Luffy’s life at Thriller Bark after Luffy lies unconscious on the ground after fighting Gecko Moria. However, Zoro volunteers to save Luffy from Kuma by allowing Kuma to transfer all of Luffy’s pain to himself. Sanji also volunteers to endure Luffy’s pain, but Zoro shoves him away.

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When Luffy wakes up, Zoro returns to the crew covered in blood after putting his life at risk by enduring Luffy’s pain. Zoro can barely stand and talk, showing that he goes to great lengths to serve his captain.

8 Zoro Allows Monet To Survive At Punk Hazard

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Zoro does not go on the offensive while battling against Monet at Punk Hazard, and thus he irritates Tashigi, who questions whether he is taking the fight seriously. Tashigi decides to take matters into her own hands by challenging Monet while Zoro sits on the sideline watching.

Monet gains the upper hand on Tashigi, so Zoro intervenes and finally starts attacking Monet. Although Monet is a villain, Zoro still does not attack to kill her and instead damages her enough to escape the room with Tashigi.

7 Zoro Prohibits Usopp From Rejoining The Crew Until Usopp Apologizes To Everyone

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Usopp abandons the crew since he remains adamant about sticking with the Going Merry whereas the rest of the crew decides to move on with a new ship. Usopp still hangs around the crew, though, and he continues to support them in missions under the alias Sniper King.

Usopp tags along as the Straw Hat Pirates fight the CP9 to retrieve Robin while wearing a mask to conceal his identity. Luffy wants Usopp to return to the crew, but Zoro defies Luffy, explaining that Usopp disrespected the crew and should therefore atone for his mistake.

6 Zoro Captures King Neptune & Ties All The Guards At Ryugu Palace

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Nami, Usopp, and Brook arrive at Fish-Man Island and encounter King Neptune and the guards at Ryugu Palace. They attempt to fend off King Neptune and the guards and run away, but Zoro breaks out of his prison cell to intercept King Neptune’s attack against his crewmates.

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Zoro subsequently ties up all the guards and wraps King Neptune in chains. Usopp exclaims that tying everyone was completely unnecessary, as it was not their intention to use excessive force. Zoro fires back at Usopp and blames his crewmates for starting the fight.

5 Nami Beats Zoro Along With Luffy & Sanji For Giving Treasure To Big Mom

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Luffy tells Big Mom that he ate all her candy in the factory on Fish-Man Island and declares war against her. However, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji try to make up for this by giving the treasure in the Ryugu Palace to the Big Mom Pirates.

They return to their crew, but once Nami finds out that they did not bring the treasure back, she does not hold back and beats them up to teach them a lesson. Nami wants to hold onto every penny she can procure, so she ensures that Zoro learns to never mess with her again.

4 Zoro Decides To Walk On His Own At The Sabaody Archipelago

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Zoro departs on his own on the Sabaody Archipelago, leaving his crew behind. Zoro figures out a way to return to his crew by remembering the numbers on the trees. However, Zoro misreads a number since a bubble obscures it, and consequently, he cannot find his way back.

Zoro eventually reunites with his crew, but shortly after this, they become embroiled in an intense fight with Kuma and other deadly opponents. Zoro becomes separated from his crew again since Kuma sends him off to Kuraigana Island.

3 Zoro Refuses To Accept Onigiri From Rika

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The Marines capture Zoro and tie him to a post after interfering with their operations. Zoro saves a young child by the name of Rika in the process of rebelling against the Marines, so Rika wants to express her gratitude by offering onigiri to Zoro.

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Zoro refuses despite not having anything to eat for days. Zoro never explains why he declines Rika’s offer, and he also does not explain why he eats the onigiri after a member of the Marines, Helmeppo, stomps on Rika’s onigiri.

2 Zoro Irritates Law By Wreaking Havoc In Wano

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Zoro, Luffy, and a samurai by the name of Okiku enter territory on Wano that they should not be making a mess in to save Otama. Nevertheless, Zoro and Luffy immediately engage in combat upon entering and chaos ensues. The three of them find Holdem, a member of the Beasts Pirates who has Otama captured in his jaws.

Luffy obliterates Holdem and rescues Otama from losing her life. Meanwhile, Zoro charges out of the territory with a vehicle loaded with food. However, Law yells at Zoro since the plan was to surreptitiously enter Wano, not to wreak havoc.

1 Nami Blames Zoro For Karoo Freezing In The Water

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Karoo, a large duck who befriends the Straw Hat Pirates, takes notice of Zoro jumping into the water outside of Chopper’s home, Drum Island. Karoo panics since Zoro does not seem to be okay, so Karoo jumps into the water, as well.

Karoo tries to search for Zoro but to no avail, as Karoo ends up freezing himself. The members of the crew gather around Karoo to figure out what exactly transpired, and Chopper helps translate Karoo’s story. Zoro laughs it off, but Nami becomes furious and blames Zoro for Karoo’s suffering.

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